Olivia Munn is in a situation where she cannot win.So she decided not to play games

Actor Olivia Munn shot at LA Times Photo and Video Studio at Comic-Con 2018

Olivia Munn at the 2018 Comic Con. (Jay L. Klendenin / Los Angeles Times)

Olivia Munn has a lot in her mind these days. Mainly air duct.

Does she need to clean them before the babies arrive? That’s what people do, right? What about the rest of the house? Should she invest in a good air purifier? How about one for each room? Someone told her it was a good idea. But how has she ever lived without them?

The 41-year-old actor, who is pregnant with her first child, feels overwhelmed by the imminent maternity and the cascade of worries it has unleashed.

“My brain couldn’t calm down because it’s just a constant sensation. You are wrong with it,“Man speaks through a video conference from a room full of half-open boxes. She apologized for the confusion and explained that this is the only place where she can escape the noise of the trimmer next door. “People tell me that babies are coming, and you will understand that, but that doesn’t stop the anxiety I’m feeling right now.”

Mann logged on and discussed her role in “Violet”. This is a stylized psychological drama about a powerful film executive who reflects a tough, soothing aura, but suffers from a super-critical inner voice (Justin Theroux). Written and directed by Justine Bateman, this movie is currently available for streaming. Mann’s Violet silences the “committee” in his head, trying to stop living for fear of others thinking about her. It’s a journey involving actors. Especially recently.

Mann was dazzled for several months in the limelight thanks to his relationship with comedian John Mulaney.Couple Published A few days after confirming the report of divorcing his wife Anna Marie Tendler in May, Rehab stint.. Then in September, Murany continued “Midnight with Seth Meyers”To make sure many were already suspicious: the couple was expecting a baby.

The romance of Warp Speed ​​and the turbulent circumstances surrounding it have sparked online frenzy. Fans who invested deeply in the marriage of Murrayy and Tendler hand-sewn Victorian lampshades, often mentioned in his stand-up comedy, expressed their disappointment with the dissolution and often criticized Mann. Turned to social media.

This freakout is “Parasocial relationships, “Or a false sense of intimacy often feels against their favorite celebrities. (Psychological terms that were previously ambiguous Peak of Google Trends The week when pregnancy was confirmed. Speculation about the status of their relationship continues to rampant online, inspired by random TikTok users and unexamined blind items from the bohemian celebrity gossip Instagram account Deuxmoi.

“It’s definitely not foreign to me to make people make false guesses about things or spread rumors in one direction,” he said, evoking strong opinions since it attracted public attention 15 years ago. Man says, who often has more personal life. It’s more of a focus than prestige TV, studio action films, and microbudget indie films.

“I think they know our relationship very well. It’s not really. There is no way for anyone to know what his relationship is or what our relationship is.” She says — speak in the present form for the record.

Mann says he has been working on the question of how to deal with his critics for a long time. She seems to be torn between the natural tendency to share and the understandable need to protect herself from another pile of the Internet. Her wording stops cautiously, especially when she begins to tip on certain rumors related to her and Murrayy. It’s no wonder she’s nervous. Everything she says must be dissected by thousands of strangers on Reddit.

She chose not to refute any particular claim. That’s because people tend to “ignore really certain public signs and actions that are completely inconsistent with the wrong story,” which “leads to an untrue story.” “For some reason, it’s easy to blame me.”

“When I try to say something, I run the risk of being called messy or not telling the truth,” she adds. “The only way I can win is to pull back and not play the game at all.”

For Mann, “pulling back” means that she has not shared her pregnancy online or has experienced one of the most sacred rituals of modern celebrities. She explains that she hasn’t invested in cute maternity wear. Instead, she repeatedly washed and wore the same ASOS sweatshirt and Asian-American girl club sweatpants she wore in this interview.

“There’s this vulnerability I felt … just turn it off,” she says. “I would rather close the door to it and take care of myself and my baby.”

In contrast, Murrayy has already incorporated his new relationship into his stand-up comedy. A few days after confirming her pregnancy on “Late Night,” he started a performance in Bethel, NY, jokingly about the difficulty of telling people that he was having a baby, and did a “mixed review.” I got it.

“He’s very funny, very clear, and very smart. The first time he made that joke. I remember laughing. I was out with him and he made this joke. I felt a sense of healing when I heard her say, “she says. “It’s hard to get pregnant for the first time, and it’s hard to get others to say something like” Congratulations “. “

Since 2006, Mann has won a fanboy as a co-sponsor of the irreverent variety show “Attack of the Show!”, Which focuses on game culture. In segments with names such as “Olivia’s Luck,” she raised a sexy nerdy persona. It led to the audition for “Daily Show”. In 2010, she was cast as the show’s “Senior Correspondent in Asia” and became the new female correspondent for the first time in seven years.

What might have been welcomed as a breakthrough instead sparked a debate about the role of women on late-night television — Especially the “Daily Show”. Many feminist bloggers Discussed at that time The man was chosen because of her appearance, her dazzling male fan, and her willingness to dive into a giant cream pie while dressed as a French maid, rather than her comedy chop.

“It was very similar” Yes, we want a diverse female [on “The Daily Show”], But that “Woman,” Mann recalls. “I was on the cover of Maxim, so it looks like this: this The girl goes to “Daily Show?”

She thinks the situation will be different today. “Many women really embrace their sexuality, especially on social media, but they are still considered wise and feel that they don’t need to wear a cloak to be taken seriously.”

Mann says scrutiny from the “outside voice” during this chapter of her career has strengthened her already permanent self-doubt. She reads comments on online forums and tries not to take them personally, but “sometimes it only hits the greatest anxiety in you,” she says.

And some rumors won’t die, she says. Because they are more “fun” to believe than reality. A good example: In 2011, director Brett Ratner falsely claimed to have slept with her. Ratner quickly resigned, but the story went on for years and she believes she hurt her name.

No one paid attention to the correction, she says. “Because they liked lies instead. The dynamic is that no matter how crude he is, he believes in the man and believes that the girl had to take every shortcut to get there. As a man, it was particularly annoying Told the Times in 2017Ratner is said to have masturbated in front of her in a movie set a few years ago.

Following “The Daily Show,” she acted as a brilliant but neurotic financial reporter in “The Newsroom.” This is the polarization of Aaron Sorkin. Cable news drama.. She mastered the show’s screwball bunter and earned two PhDs to play the role of gorgeous oddball.Women’s problems.. “

“Olivia is a candid woman. She’s a talented and talented actress, and she happens to be a knockout, so of course it’s going to get some people hooked,” she moderated the “Social Network” panel. Says Sorkin, who noticed Mann. “Before I fully knew her ability, I tried to put the ball where she could hit it. It was immediately clear that she could hit it wherever I put it. became.”

When Bateman was playing the title role in “Violet,” she says she wanted someone who seemed to be summarized in appearance. “In people’s lives,” I often think it’s okay after doing this wonderful job, having plastic surgery, or moving to this city. ” Part of the reason for casting [Munn]It is to calm the discussion in a superficial way. It looks like they have everything, but some people still have these negative thoughts, “she says.

Mann was intrigued and couldn’t say no to “Violet”, but was tired of re-engaging with the critical voice she had been trying to expel for a long time. And when they shouted the cut, I was still emotional about it and I just lay down after a while. And AD came to me and it looks like this:..‘”

“Violet” is the last movie Mann completed before the pandemic. While she was trying to fend off the glare of the tabloids, critical voices continued to echo in her head after the production was finished.

“It’s not something you just shake off, at least for me, to reach a state of high self-loathing and suspicion,” she says.

This story was originally Los Angeles Times..

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