Omicron’s “serious incident” in London is over, but public transport still requires masks

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he was trying to tackle a “serious incident” over a variant of Omicron COVID-19, but the city remained vigilant and continued to carry out public transport mask mandates. Claimed to have been.

Kahn declared a “serious incident” on December 18 due to the spread of the Omicron variant of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, increased hospitalization, and the impact of staff absence on frontline services.

However, he said the status was suspended on January 21 due to a gradual decrease in hospitalizations and a significant improvement in staffing.

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Passengers wearing face covers to fight the coronavirus epidemic sit on the top floor of a red two-story London bus that runs under Christmas lights in central London on December 21, 2021. (JustinTallis / AFP via Getty Images).

The mayor said: Everyone who wears a mask, takes a lateral flow test, and advises them to work from home when possible, helps reduce the pressure they face in London today. I was able to confront the “serious incident” of. “

But he warned, “The virus and Omicron variants are still by our side, and the daily infection rate is still too high,” he warned, “We are all vigilant and our city is safe. We must continue to be able to resume. “

“Wearing a face cover remains one of the most important and easiest things we can all do to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” Khan said. Called for reconsideration of plans to abolish.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on January 19 that restrictions on COVID-19 passes, mask mandates, telecommuting guidance, etc. will be lifted in the United Kingdom.

Johnson told MP that the Cabinet has decided to remove the so-called “Plan B” measure, as data suggest that the Omicron wave has peaked nationwide.

However, Labor politician Khan urged the government to “make the law” to require masks on public transport.

Facecover “still plays a major role in keeping our city open and protecting our friends, family and communities,” he said.

Despite the UK government’s decision, Mr. Khan said the face cover will continue to be a condition of carriage for Transport for London (TfL) services.

The Scottish and Welsh governments have also announced the removal of the Omicron curb, but mandatory indoor masks and COVID passes will continue to be implemented.

PA Media contributed to this report.

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