On the new Tesla Model S and X you need to shift gears on the screen like this



When Tesla released the new Model S and X, many people were very puzzled by its decision to integrate the shifting operation on the touch screen. So what does this plan look like in practice?A few days ago, a car owner in Silicon Valley shared a simplevideoLet’s give you a demonstration. It can be seen from the film that the driver switches between forward and reverse gears through gestures of sliding up and down on one side of the screen. The owner did not shoot the action of shifting to neutral and parking, so it may be automatic, or it may require other gestures or instructions to activate.

Weibo video:http://t.cn/A6tsmSIv

In terms of operation alone, this solution is relatively intuitive, but the hidden dangers of relying entirely on touch screens cannot be ignored. Imagine that once the on-board system crashes, without the physical shift option, the car may become difficult to move. Although Tesla is currently allowed on the road in the United States, it is hard to say whether other regions will impose restrictions on this. From Tesla’s point of view, the removal of the shift lever may be more technological and futuristic, and fewer parts means faster production and easier repair. But from the driver’s point of view, perhaps the coexistence of physical and virtual operations would be a better choice.

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