One Belt, One Road Candidate for Sydney’s Inner West

The New South Wales Labor Party has nominated a Belt and Road candidate to run in Sydney’s Inner West in a by-election scheduled for February 12.

Jason Yatsen Lee, who turned from a former UN lawyer to CEO of an investment company, announced on January 5th a candidate for a seat in Strathfield.

The three fathers have a wide range of professional backgrounds in the fields of law, investment, insurance and education. He is currently the CEO of Vantage Asia Holdings, an investment group with offices in Beijing and Sydney, and Yatsen Associates, a corporate advisory firm focused on the Chinese and Asian markets.

Li, a graduate of the University of Sydney, has been deeply involved in his alma mater. He has served on the Strategy and Risk Committee and the People’s Culture Committee and is currently the Vice President of the University.

From federal elections to state-level elections

Lee previously ran for Labor in a federal election in the House of Representatives in 2013 and ran for Senate in 2019. In 2013, despite not being a voter, he ran for Benerong’s seat and was defeated by incumbent Liberal Party member John Alexander.

This time, Lee has been proposed to run for a state-level by-election in New South Wales, which also represents voters he does not live in.

Li currently lives in Cremorne, a rich suburb on the lower north shore of Sydney. The location is on the other side of the Sydney Harbor Bridge from Strathfield, the multicultural area he is trying to represent. According to the 2016 census, more than 60% of Strathfield voters were born abroad.

However, Lee knew the location in different ways, stating that his family was “always here” and promised that the family would move to voters as soon as possible.

“My youngest daughter will go to Burwood school next year, and my son will go to school at the voter’s border,” he says. Said The Daily Telegraph. “I spent a lot of time on this voter throughout high school and college. My core friendship group is here and there is business here too.”

“It’s also an area that really reflects who I am and my own background, so I think it’s a really good representative for the people here.”

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Jason Yat-Sen Li (R) will be a candidate for NSW Labor in Strathfield, formerly owned by Jodi McKay. (Stephen Safore / AAP Photo)

Strong Pro-Beijing stance

Lee, a second-generation immigrant from Hong Kong, never hid support for Australia to build a good relationship with Beijing.

2019, Li Said Australia should consider investing in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). Pickled in debt It also poses a significant national security risk.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Marise Payne canceled the BRI deal with Beijing in 2021 by Victorian Prime Minister Daniel Andrews because of a conflict between Australia’s national interests and foreign policy. This move was endorsed by federal and state politicians throughout Australia.

and article Announced in 2019, Lee said, “Bringing critical dynamism to the global economic downturn during the financial crisis, demonstrating global leadership in climate change and renewable energy, advocating free trade and art. He praised “good China” because it promotes culture and contributes to peace. We provide maintenance, disaster relief, anti-piracy operations, that is, various international public goods and leadership to the Global Commons. “

In May 2021, Li Opinion piece The Sydney Morning Herald, entitled “There is a Way to Relieve Tensions with China That Will Win the Australian Economy,” states that Australia will protect its security and sovereignty over the CCP without breaking its relationship with its largest economic partner. Insisted that it could be done.

In the editorial, Lee, Professional Chancellor At the University of Sydney, he urged the federal government to bring international students and tourists back from China as soon as possible. He also accused Australia of “unnecessarily provoking China” for banning entry.

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Students walk through The Quadrangle at the University of Sydney in Sydney, Australia, May 8, 2013 (AAP Image / Paul Miller)

“It’s ours [Australia‚Äôs] A profitable trade with China over the last three decades that has underpinned this sovereignty, “he claimed. “Frankly, what our Defense Minister says we need to protect us from China is the money we earn from profitable trade with China, which pays for military hardware.”

In 2021 interview Along with, the online version of the People’s Daily, the official CCP media, Lee argues that Australian Chinese have an inseparable affection for China, and a good partnership between Australia and China. Insisted that it was necessary to maintain.

“We don’t have to provoke China unnecessarily. Gareth Evans has a good wording. We can … dial down rhetorical stubbornness,” he said.

“I think it’s important to recognize that we are not the United States. We are not a superpower with a very keen view of our own national interests.”

Lee, who runs for the upcoming New South Wales by-elections, has accepted a Chinese interview with Australian Chinese Daily and Sydney Today. Petition for anti-racism in which he participated With other Asian Australians in 2020.

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Jason Li has accepted an interview with Sydney Today, a popular app among Chinese-Australian people. (screenshot)

Chris Mins, the leader of the New South Wales Labor Party, announced his support on social media.

“The son of an immigrant. The business owner. The professional prime minister of the University of Sydney. And the person who truly reflects the community he is trying to represent,” Mins wrote. Post to Twitter..

“We are proud to announce Jason Yatsen Lee, a candidate for the Strathfield by-elections.”

Packfield competition

Li is Contests Former columnist of Bridget Sakul (Liberal), Kearney Buckley (Green), Rohan Luxmanalal (Animal Justice Party), Erie Robertson (Sustainable Australian Party), and Sydney Morning Herald. , Recently dismissed She did not declare herself as a candidate for registration as an NSW worker before writing critically about liberals.

Brigitte Sakuru, a Liberal Party candidate who is a business owner and advocate Explained “A determined woman who is determined to succeed in business and make a difference to Strathfield voters,” said Dominique Perottett, Premier of New South Wales.

Sakuru, whose 11-year-old daughter died in a car accident in Autolands in 2020 with three other children, said, “When this community wraps my arms and opens my heart, she is the most imagined in my life. I was spending a time of extinction. ” I came to help me and me. “

“I want to repay their love and kindness, and the generosity of fighting to build a better community for them all.”

“I have safer and less crowded roads, educational opportunities, policies to improve the homes of our community, and more accessible sadness support for the multicultural community that calls Strathfield home.” We will carry out a campaign for trauma and mental health care. “

Epoch Times Photo
Strathfield Bridget Sakr’s liberal candidate speaks to the media on December 20, 2021 at a press conference announcing her candidacy at Burwood Park in Burwood, Sydney. (AAP Image / Bianca De Marchi)

The Epoch Times contacted Jason Yat-Senry’s campaign team through various channels to comment on the Belt and Road Initiative, Australia-China relations, and his views on CCP’s policies in Hong Kong in recent years, but responded. There wasn’t. By the time of publication.

Liberal Party candidate Bridget Sakul, Greens candidate Kearney Buckley, and independent candidate Elizabeth Farrelly did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

By-elections in Strathfield will take place on February 12, with by-elections in Willobiby, Vega and Monaro. Early voting begins on January 31, and voters have the option of mailing a voting form during the outbreak of Omicron.

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