One dead and one missing after the bridge went down due to the flood

Berlin-German authorities have recovered the body of a woman washed off the bridge by a Bavarian flood on Tuesday, German news agency dpa reported.

They are still looking for a second person to be washed away from the bridge by a sudden flood in southern Germany the day before. The other eight people involved in the flood were rescued unharmed.

According to Deutsche Presse dpa, heavy rains on Monday afternoon flooded a stream in Hammersbach in the Valley of Hell near the town of Grainau, smashing wooden bridges and flushing two people. It is said that. Others were either caught in water by floods somewhere in a steep valley or blocked from their path.

More than 160 helpers and helicopters were involved in the rescue mission. The body of an unidentified woman was withdrawn from the water Tuesday morning, according to local police.

In addition to the eight rescued from the flood on Monday, officials said they had helped 108 who had to spend the night in a higher cottage on the slopes of the valley due to the flood. The Bavarian Red Cross said hikers were led down the valley by mountaineers on Tuesday. None of them were injured, dpa reported.

Emergency team search
An emergency team of water rescue teams will search the coastal area near Hammersbach and Hoellentalklamm Gorge in Grainau, Germany, on August 17, 2021. (Lennart Preiss / dpa via AP)

Helenthal Clam, or the Valley of Hell, is a popular destination for hikers at home and abroad.

According to dpa, severe weather conditions also caused a state of emergency in northern Germany, with a tornado struck the village of GroƟheide near the North Sea coast at the end of Monday, destroying more than 50 homes. According to police, no one was injured, but some homes were severely destroyed and unable to live.

Crossing the southern border of Germany, in Austria, at least four people were injured in floods and mud, dozens were rescued from cars, and firefighters got rid of fallen trees and pumped out flooded basements. It was called a hundred times, the Austrian news agency APA reported.

According to the APA, in the Dean Ten community in the Pinzgau region, a bus with two people and a car with a woman were swept into a stream by a mud avalanche. All three were rescued by firefighters but injured.

A fourth person was injured when he fell during a cleaning operation after heavy rains and floods in Guntramsdorf.

Last month, more than 200 people died in a deadly flood in western Germany.

By Kirsten Grieshaber

Associated Press