One dead and several people shot, including state police.Suspect charged with murder

Texas gunman suspect Killed at least one person and injured the other five He was detained by a cabinet maker on Friday with a $ 1 million deposit and was charged with murder after firing at the company he worked for.

Texas officials said 27-year-old Larry Borin could be arrested after Manhunt and face additional accusations resulting from a shooting in the Kent Moore cabinet in Brian, Texas.

Brian police said they would publish the names of those killed on Friday. The motive of the shooter was not immediately apparent.

Texas Public Security Officers were also shot during the Manhunt. Lieutenant Craig Cummings of the Texas Department of Public Safety told reporters Thursday that the soldiers were in a stable condition but needed surgery.

Here’s what we know on Friday:

What happened during Brian’s shooting?

Brian police responded to reports of the shooting at around 2:30 pm on Thursday. When they arrived at the scene, one died and five were injured. Four were in danger and the fifth was injured without life-threatening. A sixth person had an asthma attack and was taken to a local hospital, according to Brian police chief Eric Buske.

According to police, the suspect had left the scene when the police arrived.

Cummings Told reporters Soldiers were shot dead at about 3:30 pm as he and other law enforcement officials attempted to detain the suspect in the town of Iola, about 30 miles from the cabinet factory.

According to Cummings, the suspect was detained by Texas Highway Patrol members near the town of Bedias at around 4:20 pm.

An employee of a local company spoke on the phone on April 8, 2021, after police released her from the scene of a mass shooting in an industrial park in Brian, Texas.

An employee of a local company spoke on the phone on April 8, 2021, after police released her from the scene of a mass shooting in an industrial park in Brian, Texas.

Who are the victims?

Police have not identified the person who was killed or injured.

According to a hospital statement, two of the five injured in the business were hospitalized in a serious condition and the other three were hospitalized in a serious but stable condition.

According to Cummings, the injured soldier had surgery and was stable as of Thursday night.

Who is the suspect?

According to online court records, Iola’s Borin faces at least one murder charge.

Brian police said Borin was an employee of the Kent Moore Cabinet, but the motive was not immediately apparent.

Borin’s lawyer was not listed in online court records.

Kent Moore Cabinet Details

Kent Moore Cabinets opened its first store in Texas in the 1970s and now employs nearly 600 people across the state.

“We continue to strive to build the best custom cabinets specifically designed to identify homeowners,” said the company’s website.

on FacebookThe company wrote at Brian’s factory that it was “ravaged by a tragic event.” “Our thoughts are in our workers and their families. In your thoughts and prayers, join us to keep everyone touched on this tragedy.”

The factory is located approximately 100 miles northwest of Houston, near the University of Texas A & M.

How was the reaction?

The shooting was the day after the former An NFL player fired at his home in South Carolina, killing five people. Includes 2 children.

according to Cancer Violence ArchiveThis is the 14th mass shooting in the United States in April. The archive defines mass shootings as four or more injured or murderers, excluding shooters, and includes all mass shootings, not just mass shootings in public places.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott statement “I was praying for the victims, their families, and the law enforcement officers who were injured while arresting the suspect,” he said.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was also praying for the victims, he Said On Twitter.

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