One fitness influencer said a woman who tried to bench press had 10 stitches after falling on her face.

Screenshot from Bradley martyn's video

The video has received 17.2 million views on TikTok.@bradleymartyn/TikTok

  • Fitness influencer Bradley Martin said he was injured while filming an extreme gym stunt.

  • Footage shows a woman falling on her face as she tries to lift it with weights.

  • Since its removal, TikTok has amassed over 17 million views and clips continue to be published on YouTube.

Fitness influencer Bradley Martin TikTok videos since deleted It showed him attempting a weightlifting stunt that resulted in him having 10 stitches in his mouth, he said.

The video, seen by an insider, had 17.2 million views on TikTok before being taken down, albeit for a different reason. video upload to youtube remains public.this shows martin Lie down on your gym equipment while grabbing a dense rubber weight called a bumper plate. A woman then climbs on top of her weights and Martin tries to lift her up, but she falls on top of him, kicking him in the face in the process.

Martyn posted the video to his TikTok account on Sept. 22 with the caption, “POV: Dropping phone on face.”

Many of Martyn’s videos involve him attempting stunts and extreme workouts. tug of war with tiger When Sparring by lifting a carcass of an animal.

and Follow up TikTok In the video, Martin was shown attempting the same stunt. This time, he successfully lifted the woman several times without losing her balance. In the video caption, Martyn writes:

Martin explained the accident as follows: follow up video on his YouTube channel.

He said, “I tried to lift a girl up. Now I’ve done this before when a girl sat on a plate and pushed her. Yeah, that’s cool, it’s easy.” I felt

Martyn said he used rubber bumper plates to lift her up instead of steel plates. This was a “mistake” because bumper plates are hard to balance.

After the stunt, Martyn said he waited four hours at the local emergency room and had “10 stitches” in his mouth.

Martyn isn’t the only TikToker to get hurt chasing a viral clip. A video tagged “injury while lifting weights” on TikTok Over 600 million viewsDoctors have previously issued warnings against many online fitness trends that claim to be ineffective or dangerous. viral belly weight loss dance, Put a clove of garlic in your nostrils as a decongestantWhen “Increase vibrations” by exposing the genitals to the sun.

TikTok may add content warnings to videos to highlight that the behavior depicted is risky, or remove them from the platform entirely. It’s unclear why Martyn’s original video is no longer available, and neither he nor his TikTok responded to his Insider’s request for comment.

As well as his TikTok and YouTube presence, Martyn has 4 million followers. InstagramI post fitness related content.He also hosts a podcast titled “Bradley Martin’s Low Talk” It features Martin speaking on a variety of topics.

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