One in two suspects who shot and killed an Illinois police officer was arrested

Chicago (AP) — A police officer was shot at a hotel in northern Illinois, and a man suspected of injuring another was detained, Illinois police said Friday.

Authorities said in a statement that Darius Sullivan was found on Friday morning the following day, when authorities warned that he was armed and should be considered dangerous.

The statement did not provide details of where Sullivan was discovered. He was said to be returned and transported to Kankakee County, where the shooting took place late Wednesday.

State police said officials were still looking for Bradley’s 26-year-old Xandria A. Harris, who the investigators believed was in the hotel when the shooting took place.

According to the county sheriff’s office, the two police officers were talking to people when they were shot in a comfort-in room along a highway in Kankakee County.

The officer was taken to a nearby hospital and was 49-year-old Sgt. Marlene Ritmanic has passed away. Another officer, identified by Illinois police as 27-year-old Tyler J. Bailey, had surgery on Thursday and was listed in serious condition, according to Bradley police.

According to the sheriff’s office, police officers were at the hotel and investigated reports of dogs barking in unmanned cars in the parking lot. They found a room in which a potential vehicle owner was staying and were shot while talking to the people in that room, it said.

Authorities arrested two others on Thursday for interfering with Sullivan’s search, and the woman was also suspected of shooting.

Nichele Newton-Carroll, 43, and Jelman Sullivan, 21, face charges of obstruction of justice / withdrawal from the state. (Kankakee) Daily newspaper report. No lawyer was listed in court or prison records on Friday.

Jim Rowe, a Kankakee County lawyer, has identified Newton Carroll as Sullivan’s mother. Rowe said he wasn’t sure about the relationship between Jelman Sullivan and Darius Sullivan.

The hotel was shot hours after a sheriff’s agent was fatally shot in response to a call for driver assistance on the highway near Mill Shoals, about 200 miles (322 km) south of Bradley. I was.

According to the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Shawn Riley was later found dead by Second Officer, later arrived at the scene, and his deputy patrol car was later abandoned on I-64. It has been found. Authorities arrested a Kentucky man on suspicion of an attack in Missouri and carjacking.