One killed and four injured in a shooting at Waffle House, South Carolina

Daniel Simon, Security Officer Lee County, said a man was killed and four were injured in a restaurant in a shooting at a Waffle House parking lot near the South Carolina Bishopville (AP) -South Carolina highway. Said.

Sheriffs told The Associated Press that employees and three customers in a restaurant at Exit 15 of the US Highway 20 on Interstate 20 in Bishopville are expected to survive the shooting around 4 am. ing.

According to Simon, no arrests have been made.

Early interviews with witnesses indicate that the gang may have been involved and that the shooting could have been in retaliation for another shooting at a nearby gas station a few months ago.

“People were a little reluctant at first, but they started talking and we’re chasing Reed,” the sheriff said.

According to sheriffs, surveillance footage from the parking lot shows a small white sedan being pulled out of the parking lot and heading north on US15 towards Bishopville.

The name of the murdered man has not been published.