One killed and several hospitalized in a mass shooting in Bryan, Texas

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Dr. Fauci has issued this COVID warning to everyone

The coronavirus pandemic is not over. If you are vaccinated, others are not vaccinated — and they are probably at risk from you. This is the message that Dr. Rochelle Warensky, head of the CDC, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, tried to convey at yesterday’s White House COVID-19 response team briefing. Fauci later amplified the same thing at CNN last night. Make sure you know the top 6 things you need to know now to be safe and don’t miss these signs to ensure your own health and the health of others. Your illness is actually a disguised coronavirus. 1 Dr. Fauci says the “level” we are in is dangerous to you California is aiming for a full resumption by June. Other states like Florida and Texas are already fully open. Still, Dr. Fauci warns that the number of new cases is stuck at “a disturbingly high level.” Dr. Warrensky replied. “Today we have 62,000 people, so I think it’s too expensive to think we’ve won this race,” “very well said,” Dr. Forch added. “We can almost certainly see that the number of these cases decreases as the proportion of the vaccinated population increases, but we do not recommend doing anything else until well below current levels.” 2 The CDC chief said there are about 50,000 cases a day. California aims to fully reopen by June. Other states like Florida and Texas are already fully open. “I’m wondering if there are new numbers. What’s the new threshold for widespread resumption?” Dr. Warensky said, “During the summer, Dr. Fauci has less than 10,000 cases and less than 5,000 cases. “I think I was talking about it,” he said. “Today it’s 62,000. In the context of vaccination, it stops the circulation of the virus, stops the emergence of mutants, stops hospitalization, and eventually dies. We need to really reduce the number of cases to stop it. I am really encouraged by the reduction in these deaths, which I believe is the effect of vaccination, especially the vaccination of the elderly community. But I think we’re too expensive to think we’ve won this race. “3 Michigan is a COVID hotspot. Need more shutdown? Doctors were asked if more stringent measures should be taken in Michigan. , If the case is increasing most rapidly. Need to shrink the location? Need to reduce youth sports that have been shown to spread the virus? “We are in close contact with the state,” said Dr. Warensky. Guidance on youth sports is actually fairly clear regarding having a substantial or high infection rate, and these activities should be performed outdoors at least 6 feet away and need to be tested. For community activities, make sure you wear a mask. And we are working closely with the state to do so. 4 The CDC chief said that 65,000 cases meant 65,000 opportunities for virus spread. “But those who have seen older people still in the hospital and haven’t been vaccinated yet.” I was vaccinated yesterday and I got COVID today. ” I’m listening. So what we really want to do is expand that vaccination so that we can have more vaccinations and actually be in a less sick place. There are 65,000 cases. This is the 65,000 chance that a mutation will occur and more mutants will spread. 5 When does Dr. Forch reach herd immunity when he reaches “normality”? “There is no absolute number,” he said. “I know everything is okay, but I think we’ll see that as more people get vaccinated, the number of vaccinations can go down,” Dr. Forch said. The case we see every day. And so, as you know, the cascade domino effect of less hospitalization and less death. I don’t think it will be an accurate number. I don’t know what that number is. You can say that this is the ratio, but you can see it by looking at it. That’s clear, as the numbers go down quite dramatically. And when they do, we are really gradual and go far towards what we think is approaching some degree of normality. Related: Signs of becoming one of the “most deadly” cancers 6 How to stay safe until the end of this pandemic, so follow Fauci’s basics and help end this pandemic wherever you live .. Please put on your face. Fit snugly, double layered mask, do not travel, social distance, avoid crowds, do not go indoors with unprotected people (especially at bars), practice hand hygiene, Get vaccinated when: To save your life and the lives of others, you will be vaccinated in any of these 35 places where you are most likely to catch your COVID. Don’t even visit.