One of North Carolina’s most popular waterfalls, a large log jam is volatile.


One of North Carolina’s most popular mountain waterfalls was endangered by a torrent of rain that fell from the wreckage of a tropical cyclone Fred last week.

Looking at the glass waterfall in the Pisgah National Forest The US Forest Office said in a Facebook post that it flaunted a wonderfully large log jam as its crown.

How big According to the Forest Department, try 0.5 acres.

“It’s pretty big!” Authorities wrote.

The trees and swarms of brushes are “just above the 60-foot fall,” officials say. Visit is not recommendedHowever, those who dare to see it are limited to seeing the waterfall from a distance at the observatory. “At this point, swimming is completely dangerous.” Officials said.

Experts believe that a huge knot will eventually reach the edge and fall, causing havoc on both the pool and the riverbank.

Facebook commenters asked if the US Forest Office could intervene before that happened. Apparently not.

“It’s impressive (log jam) and it takes a lot of work in a fairly unstable position to fix it.” The Forest Department said on Saturday.

“Now we have many priorities on our plate that come before this, and you are right that Mother Nature will eventually deal with it … now. By the way, it stands as an incredible proof of the strength of moving water. “

Look at the glass waterfall Popular with tourists and hikers According to, “a high spilling waterfall falls from a towering cliff into one stunning, perfect drop.”

Lake Price is gone

Log jam was one of several potentially dangerous situations discovered after tropical cyclone Fred’s wreckage rained 8 to 12 inches, causing catastrophic floods. Four people died in Haywood County, estimated to be “500 families I was banished. ” McClatchy News reported last week.

Price Lake Blue Ridge Parkway MilePost 296.7 The National Parks Authority reports that it is currently closed due to the disappearance of the lake.

“The dam used to regulate the water level of the lake was damaged by the storm and the lake is now empty,” officials said. “Lake fishing, boating and other activities are prohibited until further notice.”

Over 12 miles of the Blue Ridge Parkway remain closed due to “multiple landslides” (US National Highway 276 to NC National Highway 215), according to the National Parks Authority.

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