One of the police officers involved in the shooting of Breonna Taylor is being investigated on suspicion of throwing a drink at a person on duty: Report

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Louisville police members gather in Louisville, Kentucky on May 3, 2013. Photo by Jamie Squire / Getty Images

  • A Louisville police officer is being investigated for throwing drinks at pedestrians.

  • The police chief said two police officers had clerk in connection with the issue.

  • One of the police officers in question was also involved in the incident that preceded the 2020 Killing of Breonna Taylor shootings.

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Louisville Police Officer nominated in Breona Taylor’s case According to police, police officers are one of several police officers under investigation on suspicion of throwing slashes and drinks from police vehicles during work. WAVE 3 news report.

In March 2020, Louisville police officers enforced a no-knock warrant and raided Taylor’s apartment in search of drugs. Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker fired, believing that an invasion of the house was in progress, fired a policeman with a weapon, sent a bullet at the couple, injured Walker, and killed Taylor. ..

Kelly Hannah Goodlet, a lawyer representing Taylor’s family Insist According to WAVE 3, one of the Louisville police officers currently investigating targeting pedestrians with beverages instructed police officers at the crime scene to turn off their body cameras.

According to WAVE 3 news, the drink-throwing incident is believed to have occurred in the 9th MTF of the department, which was dismantled after a series of scandals, including a lawsuit alleging that residents were racially profiled. .. The agency’s dismantling of the 9th MTF ultimately led to the creation of a crime prevention unit to investigate the Taylor case, Outlet reported.

Goodlet was part of the investigation, monitoring Taylor’s ex-boyfriend Jamarkus Glover as part of a unit commanding a drug investigation.

WAVE 3 News also reported Brian Wilson, a former Louisville Police officer. Resigned After being accused of posting an obscene photo of a female police officer in 2019, she was also involved in a drinking case. Wilson and Goodlet were reportedly assigned to the 9th MTF at the same time.

A Louisville police officer declined to comment.

Secretary Erica Shields told members of the Louisville Metro Council that the FBI was investigating the issue. Courier JournalShields also confirmed that two police officers were working in connection with the case, but did not reveal who they were.

Shields called the case “another black eye for the department.”

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