One suspect dies after Dutch robbery ends in high-speed pursuit

Amsterdam — Dutch police said one suspect was killed and another injured on Wednesday after a robbery and high-speed pursuit that ended when the criminal abandoned his car and fled on foot.

Police said in a series of social media posts that six suspects had lifted an armored personnel carrier and then drove away from the scene in northern Amsterdam. According to police, it was fired during the crime.

Dutch news agency ANP said the suspect fired an automatic weapon at police during the chase.

It was unknown whether the suspect was shot dead by police.

A video captured by witnesses and circulated online showed five people running across fields on the outskirts of the capital with gunshots, apparently by police tracking them.

The swelling smoke from the escape car was visible in the background.

Reuters was unable to verify the authenticity of the video.

“The incident began with an armored robbery of armored vehicles, after which at least two vehicles fled the scene at high speed,” police said.

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