Only five countries, including North Korea, vote against a UN resolution condemning Russia

United Nations

United Nations Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images

Simon & Garfunkel once described the “friend not found” scenario. After condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in a UN vote on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his company repeat the “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.

according to New York TimesThe UN General Assembly adopted a resolution condemning Russia’s aggression, with 141 countries voting in favor, 34 countries voting against, and only five voting against.

The results are in line with the flood of international support for Ukraine seen around the world last week.Pro-Ukraine demonstration London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Tokyo,Soul, Cape Town, And several other cities.Many lawmakers shook small Ukrainians during President Biden’s State of the Union address on Tuesday flag Or wore the Ukrainian flag pin..

Opposition to the resolution came from five authoritarian nations: Russia, North Korea, Eritrea, Syria, and Belarus, Russia’s close ally.

Cato Institute 2020 Human index of freedom It ranks Russia as the 115th free country on the planet. Belarus barely broke the top 100 in 99th place.Syria is listed as 10th Even if only slightly A free country in the world. The one-party dictatorships North Korea and Eritrea are not ranked at all.

Some of the countries that abstained from voting included Iraq, Iran, India, Pakistan and China. In early February, China and Russia jointly statement It condemned NATO expansion, among other things, but did not directly mention Ukraine.

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