Only Nixon was able to go to China. Now only Byden can go to the liberal Lala Land.

“Only Nixon was able to go to China.”

This political saying contextualizes our 37th President’s visit to Chairman Mao Zedong’s land. Only the president with Nixon’s anti-communist credentials would have been able to open relations with China without a major fire among the conservatives.

Similar credibility protected Bill Clinton, who approved welfare reform in 1996, and Barack Obama, who entertained social security cuts in 2011. Both men robbed voters of their fever, but retained sufficient goodwill to win the reelection.

Did Joe Byden know where the halo was stored when he arrived at the White House? Whatever he found, he gave him enough confidence to overturn the usual presidential script. Instead of adventuring to the right from the base of his party activists, he continued to move to the left without any obvious fear of alienating moderates and independents.

Progressive is exciting. Many were afraid that Byden would whisper sweets to his ears and then throw them away until the votes were counted. For a long time since assigning the story to Obama, they see no reason why he himself expects better from his previous running companion, who was chosen to add a modest veneer to his left-handed candidacy. It was.

But Biden’s love was true. He rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement, and China, the world’s largest polluter, promised to stop increasing emissions around 2030 in honor of the Scouts. Perhaps the 184 coal-fired power plants they are building will be completed by then. Stateside, Byden banned oil and gas drilling on federal land and killed the Keystone XL pipeline.

Our new president has also paved the way for stricter economic regulation – because Democrats agree that it is what a pandemic-stricken economy needs most. He overturned the ban on transgender people in the military. This, coupled with maternity flight suits and two-tiered fitness standards, is certainly a horrifying move for American enemies.

Most notably, Byden quickly dismantled Donald Trump’s immigration policy and realized his own prediction that doing so would cause a border crisis. When the reporter asked about it at the press conference, he didn’t explain why he was confused. Instead, he claimed that the turmoil did not exist, or if it did, it was not his action.

After a flood of executive orders, Byden and his parliamentary allies turned to legislation. Most of the $ 1.9 trillion American rescue program they advertised as Covid’s bailout has nothing to do with Covid: child tax credits, expansion of Obamacare and Medicare, union pension relief, little or no during the pandemic. Billions to households and governments that did not suffer financial losses.

Of course, the Covid® trademark has isolated ARP from questions about its price. And while some taxpayers felt their intellect was insulted by their serious mislabeling, both calmed down after the stimulus check arrived. Everything happened when Republicans fought bravely, but in vain, to maintain Dr. Seuss’s racism and Mr. Potato Head’s toxic masculinity.

Next is a big infrastructure plan. It is expected to fund universal kindergartens and free community colleges, strengthen climate research and expand newly expanded child tax deductions. Also, pharmaceutical companies haven’t done anything for us lately, forcing them to lower prices or pay fines.

Democrats may repair roads and bridges somewhere. But don’t expect them to repeat the mistakes they made before learning that when Obama promised a “excavator-ready project” in 2009, that wouldn’t be the case. Keeping children aged 3 to 30 in the classroom requires money, not soil, and Congress doesn’t like anyone’s business.

Like progressive, conservatives didn’t trust Joe Byden during the campaign. Many believed that the Left would use him as a Trojan for the Green New Deal, single-payment medicine, basic income, and other socialist programs. Does he want to go as far as they do? Does his gentle, grandfather’s attitude put Americans to sleep until they see their destination?

If so, history will get a new saying: only Byden was able to go to the liberal Lalaland.

Michael Smith is a freelance opinion writer in Georgetown.