Ontario Court Awards Over $ 107 Million to Family in Deadly Shot Down of Flight 752

A court in Ottawa-Ontario awarded more than $ 107 million to the family of six victims who shot down a jet airliner two years ago.

The decision released on Monday follows May’s ruling that the missile attack was a deliberate act of terrorism, paving the way for relatives of the murdered to seek compensation from Iran.

In a 2021 decision, Judge Edward Belovaba of the Ontario Superior Court intentionally launched a missile that shot down Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 on January 8, 2020, when there was no armed conflict in the region. I confirmed the balance of possibilities. ..

As a result, he discovered that it constitutes a terrorist act that invalidates Iran’s immunity to civil lawsuits.

The National Indemnity Ordinance protects foreign states from legal claims, while the Terrorist Victims Act provides exceptions when losses are caused by terrorist activity.

Of the 176 people who died in the plane crash, more than 100 were associated with Canada, including 55 Canadian citizens and 30 permanent residents.

“We understand that this court is not a substitute for lost life, but the monetary ruling is provided by the civil court,” Belovaba said in a recent ruling dated 31 December. It’s the only remedy we can do. “

Belovaba paid $ 7 million in compensatory damages and $ 100 million in punitive damages to family members in court.

I didn’t immediately know how to collect money from Iran.

The family and their lawyers, Mark Arnold and Jona Arnold, will discuss the court’s decision at a press conference on Tuesday.

A lawyer’s statement on Monday called the damages decision “unprecedented in Canadian law.”

In the decision, Mr. Belovaba said he was pleased that the award was “fair, appropriate and compliant with applicable law.” However, he welcomed the possibility of an appeal review only to confirm an appropriate framework for analyzing the case.

Canadian press