Ontario Court Freezes Funds for GiveSend Go’s Freedom Convoy

Protesters supporting Ottawa’s truck driver Freedom Convoy closed a crossing near the border crossing on the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Ontario on February 9, 2022. (Geoff Robins / AFP via Getty Images)

The Ontario Government of Canada successfully sought a court order on Thursday to freeze more than $ 8 million in funds paid to Freedom Convoy on the GiveSendGo platform.

According to a statement from Doug Ford’s office, the Ontario Superior Court will follow up on all donations made through the Freedom Convoy 2022 and Truck Driver Recruitment campaigns on Christian funding platforms. I ordered it to freeze until there was.

According to a statement, Ontario Attorney General Doug Downey filed an application for a detention order citing 490.8 of the Criminal Code as a reason to freeze the funds.

Ivana Yelich, a spokesman for the Prime Minister, said the order “restrains all parties who own or control these donations.”

John Carpey, president of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedom of the Legal Group, which provides legal support to the organizers of Freedom Convoy, said their lawyers are investigating this issue.・ I told the Times.

Protests began in late January as a demonstration by truck drivers against the federal government’s request for vaccination of cross-border truck drivers, but have since been subject to various COVID-19 obligations and restrictions. It has evolved into a large-scale movement involving people from all over Canada who oppose it.

On January 29, a convoy of vehicles arrived in Ottawa, many stayed in the city, and trucks and other vehicles were parked in the Capitol. Since then, convoys have also made a presence in Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario.

Canadian Press contributed to this report.

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