Ontario declares a third “state of emergency” and issues a one-month stay-at-home order

Prime Minister Doug Ford announced on Wednesday that Ontario will enter a third state of emergency, and government efforts to stop the COVID-19 epidemic will put the entire state on a four-week stay-at-home order starting Thursday. .. Diseases caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

The stay-at-home order will come into effect on April 8th at 12:01 am.

“The situation at COVID-19 is at a critical stage and we must take swift and decisive action to stay ahead of these deadly new variants,” Ford said.

“By imposing these rigorous new measures, we will keep people safe while starting with a hotspot identified as a high-risk population and ensuring that the vaccination program reaches more people.”

Immediately after the “emergency outage” announced last week, the move will be ontarian, except for potentially essential purposes such as going to grocery stores and pharmacies, accessing healthcare services, and exercising near home. Must be at home. Go to work that cannot be done remotely.

All retail stores, including malls, are prohibited from opening for direct shopping and are restricted to curbside pickups.

Grocery stores and pharmacies remain open for residents to shop indoors.

The same applies to outdoor gardening centers and plant nurseries, but they are only allowed to operate with a 25 percent capacity limit.

Big-box retailers can also be left open for indoor shopping, but can only sell groceries, household cleaning supplies, and pharmacy merchandise.

The Prime Minister’s Office also confirmed that there was no need to close schools and child care centers, with the exception of Toronto and Guelph. Learn on Tuesday.

According to Ford’s office, education workers who provide daily support to students in need of special education throughout the state and those in high-risk areas of Toronto and Peel will be COVID-during the April break. 19 Eligible to receive the vaccine.

The state’s previous home order came into effect on January 14, and was lifted almost two months later. March 8..

The latest order will last for 4 weeks. This means that it will end on May 6th, unless extended.

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