Ontario doctors accused “medical tyranny” after being banned from issuing vaccines, exempt from masks

Family doctors in Ontario are “proud to take a stand against” medical monopoly politics “after banning state medical regulators from issuing medical exemptions for COVID-19 vaccines, tests and mask requirements. I’m thinking. “

Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons (CPSO) Alleged Dr. Patrick Phillips said he “engaged shameful, disgraceful, or unprofessional acts” in connection with his communication, including posting on social media.

Regulators say his posts on various digital platforms “make misleading, inaccurate, or inflaming statements about COVID-19 vaccination, treatment, and public health measures.” Stated.

CPSO imposed Temporary restrictions Phillips refused to cooperate in investigating allegations of disseminating false information about the pandemic.

Philips is also forbidden to prescribe ivermectin. Health Canada says Do not use for the treatment of COVID-19, or fluvoxamine and atorvastatin in connection with the virus.

On September 28, Philips responded to allegations and restrictions On twitter“I’ve never been more proud of myself than the day I decided to confront our country’s medical tyranny.”

“It is not my regret to provide patients and the general public with access to the treatment of COVID-19 and vaccine injuries and to protect them from medical coercion,” he writes.

of Another Twitter post, Philip said the COVID-19 test is “not a harmless procedure” example A photo of a girl who began to bleed from her nose and one eye after taking the nasal swab test needed to return to school.

“Therefore, if the test is denied, we need informed consent without coercion or reprimand,” said Phillips, “compulsory medical procedures are being assaulted under Canadian criminal law.”

CPSO has referred a motion against Philips to its disciplinary action.

In a hearing notice, CPSO said, “Professional,” by Philips posting on social media about the COVID-19 pandemic between August 2020 and September 2021 and refusing to cooperate in the investigation. I have committed an illegal act. “

The university said Phillips was the first doctor to be referred to the disciplinary trial, and although the hearing date has not yet been set, he is facing interim measures for allegations of false information on COVID-19.

The main Philips clinic is Englehart and District Hospital in Englehart, Ontario.

March 2021, CPSO warning Dr. Kuulvinder Kaur GillA pediatrician in Brampton, Ontario, said in several Twitter posts about COVID-19 that “no mitigation strategies such as masks or blockades are needed.”

Gil was accused of “lack of professionalism and carelessness in posting on social media. This is irresponsible behavior for professional members and can pose a risk to public health. . “

The decision has been appealed to the independent arbitration body, the Health Professions Appeal and Review Board. According to the CPSO, a request for judicial review has also been submitted to the divisional court.

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Andrew Chen


Andrew is a Toronto-based reporter.