Ontario Farmers’ Organization Urges Government to Remove Fertilizer Tariffs

Ontario farmers’ organizations are calling on the federal government to remove tariffs on certain fertilizer imports from Russia and Belarus. These tariffs are being introduced because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ryan Koslag, executive director of the nonprofit Ontario Bean Growers, said Canada should immediately lift the tariffs.

Koeslag also said he welcomed the fact that Ottawa had raised $34 million through tariffs, but added that it “doesn’t mention that tariffs are still in place.”

“The United States has never imposed tariffs on fertilizers from Russia or Belarus,” Koeslag said on Feb. 9. true north center.

“It is right to directly compensate Canadian farmers for the costs they have already incurred because of this unfair fertilizer tariff,” he added.

Koeslag’s compensation request was also reflected in other agricultural organizations such as the Atlantic Grains Council, Christian Farmers of Ontario, Grain Farmers of Ontario and Grain Growers of Quebec.

“In times of global uncertainty, reimbursing tariffs to Canadian farmers will help balance some of the costs of inflation and help farmers grow more crops, which is needed to feed Canadians and the world. It helps you increase your food intake.

Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland previously said the federal government was considering introducing subsidies to lower the cost of fertilizer for Canadian farmers.

Freeland told reporters in Ottawa on December 15, 2022, “I think it’s very appropriate to have a dialogue and acknowledge that and make an effort to help those farmers.” said.

She added that she was “working closely” with Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibault on the issue and said she had “more to say soon.”

“We as a country have very specific interests in mind for these farmers,” Freeland said.

Government sources told the Epoch Times in December 2022 that Agriculture, Agri-Food Canada was working on a $34.1 million fund for farmers associations to help pay for fertilizers.

Sources say the fund will most likely be introduced in January 2022, but no such announcement has been made yet.