Ontario high school was told to prepare for a normal fall in a backup plan

Jill Dunlop, Deputy Minister for Child and Women Affairs, Ontario, announced at a daily briefing on COVID-19 at the Toronto Parliament on June 25, 2020. (Canadian Press / Steve Russell)

Toronto — Ontario’s higher education institutions are required to prepare for the fall semester with unlimited face-to-face classes and activities.

The Ministry of Universities has also instructed schools to complete a backup instruction plan and publish it publicly in case of a COVID-19 outbreak.

A memo to the school from the Deputy Minister said that COVID-19 vaccination rates and other indicators were improving, allowing for the expected normal return.

Shelley Tapp said the campus may not require physical distance, but indoor settings require masks and other related measures.

She said the ministry also encourages on-campus vaccination clinics and rapid testing programs.

A new public health framework was promised in early August that outlines the safety measures and resources recommended for this sector.

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