Ontario leaders launch an election campaign by discussing the proposed GTA Highway

The Ontario campaign began in a Japanese fashion, with the leader promising to build or cancel planned highways in major battlefield areas.

The proposed highway 413 serves the Greater Toronto Area community, including areas with several seats that are considered to be attended by all three major political parties, including Vaughan, Ontario and Brampton, Ontario. It is set to do.

Progressive conservative leader Dougford reiterated his pledge to start the day in Brampton and build highway 413, saying it would ease gridlock and save commuting time.

However, the Liberal Party and the NDP, both opposed to the project, have stated that neither will do so and have promised to cancel it.

Liberal leader Stephen Del Duca promises to save an estimated $ 10 billion by building and repairing schools without the use of highways, and sees investment as an option.

Ford hasn’t released an overall cost estimate for Highway 413, and when asked again today, he said the worst thing he could do at a construction site was to give accurate numbers. I won’t do that.

Canadian press