Ontario Men Face 78 Accusations Related to Trafficking and Sexual Assault

Men in Ontario face 78 accusations related to trafficking, sexual assault, and the creation of child pornography. According to police, the crime involved several minor victims.

Michael Mark Haima, a 38-year-old man from Kingston, Ontario, was recently charged after a joint investigation by Ontario and Kingston police. statement Released on July 11th.

A joint police activity called Project Shamrock began in January 2022 when Kingston police learned that individuals were seducing victims through social media platforms. A thorough investigation was carried out by a joint force strategy led by the state’s trafficking intelligence by Kingston Police, Ottawa Police Services, Peter Barra Police Services, and OPP Digital Forensics.

Police initially identified 10 victims, but said more were later identified and additional charges were filed against Haaima. Police said the victims are now being moved to “safe places.”

Haaima faces, among other things, 18 counts of sexual assault, 2 counts of child pornography creation, and 4 counts of forced confinement. Here is a complete list of his rates:

  • Sexual assault-18 counts.
  • Illegal access to child pornography — 5 counts.
  • Getting sexual services for consideration — 4 counts.
  • Forced Confinement — 4 counts.
  • Assault — 3 counts.
  • Harassment by seeing or annoying.
  • Overcome resistance to violations / try to choke — 3 counts.
  • Criminal harassment through communication.
  • Sexual assault with choking — 4 counts.
  • Intimidation / death or physical harm — 4 counts.
  • Forced to commit bestiality;
  • Pranks for less than $ 5,000.
  • Invitation to sexual contact — two counts.
  • Sexual Interference-Two Counts.
  • Procurement / People under the age of 18;
  • Trafficking under the age of 18;
  • Obtaining Sexual Services for Consideration Under 18-4 Counts
  • Overcome resistance to commit sexual assault.
  • Sexual assault causes physical harm.
  • Invite invitations to sexual contact;
  • Temptation to make child pornography;
  • Weighted sexual assault — two counts.
  • Create child pornography — two counts.
  • Make child pornography available — two counts.
  • Possessing child pornography — 3 counts.
  • Blackmail-2 counts.
  • Weapon assault;
  • Voyeur.

Police said they believe the number of victims could increase as the investigation continues. If you have the information, please call the OPP emergency number 1-888-310-1122 or the local police.

“If you or anyone you know may be the victim of these crimes, call 911 right away,” the statement said.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Toronto.