Ontario Party, New Blue Object to Exclusion from Ontario Election Debate

Ontario leader Derek Sloan opposes the exclusion of his party from the Ontario election leaders’ debate on May 16, stating that it puts his party at a disadvantage. rice field. The New Blue Party, which has seats in the current legislature, like the Ontario party, is also against it.

“This is an elite election intervention, like when Big Tech banned my Twitter account for saying they dislike it,” Sloan, a former Conservative lawmaker, said in a May 17 press release. Said in.

“Preventing the leaders of the party in which the MPP sits from participating in the leaders’ debates is nothing more than tampering with the elections and is a very anti-democratic act.”

According to a press release, the Ontario Party has 105 candidates for registration in the current elections.

In accordance with the rules of the consortium, the party must be running a full slate of 124 candidates to participate in the election debate. This rule caused controversy when the liberals of Stephen del Duca were allowed to participate in the debate.

The New Blue Party, led by Jim Calaharios, also registered the full slate of 124 candidates and was excluded from the debate despite sitting on the MPP. In response to the exclusion, Kalaharios accused the consortium of violating prejudice and its own rules.

“secret [media] The consortium broke its own rules to deny knowing democracy [the New Blue Party] Will win the debate! ” he Said on twitter May 15th.

Mike Schreiner, the leader of the Green Party in Ontario, was allowed to participate despite having only one MPP, and it was the first time in history that Greens participated in a televised leader’s debate.

“It will be a historic night,” Schleiner said. Interview with CTV May 16th.

“This is the first time a fourth party has participated in a television leader’s debate, and for Ontario people, new solutions and new ideas for many of the old problems we face. I think it’s a great opportunity to hear about. “Now.”

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Shane Miller is an Ontario-based political writer.

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