Ontario police trust five men to save the driver’s life in a burning car

Ontario police are welcoming five men as heroes earlier this week for endangering their lives to save them from a burning car on the GTA highway.

On July 4, the Ontario Police Department (OPP) Highway Safety Division responded to reports of a vehicle fire on the Queen Elizabeth Highway (QEW) in Mississauga.

The OPP posted a video of the incident on Twitter on July 6th, showing that a white car is turning along a highway surrounded by clouds of smoke. After that, the vehicle collided with the ditch.

Five men pulled and took action after noticing that the car was starting to burn while the 36-year-old driver was still trapped inside.

I heard the man hitting the window on the driver’s side and yelling, “Get out of the car.” One man tried to break the window with a hammer, while another tried to kick the driver out of the back door.

The man was finally able to open the driver’s door and successfully pulled him in. Then the video is cut to show that the car is in flames.

Police praised the man’s efforts to save the driver.

“A 36-year-old man from Toronto who experienced a medical episode lives thanks to the heroic efforts of five men who endangered their lives when the car started to burn with the driver still inside. They opened the driver’s door to save the driver. You are my #Hero.. “July 4, 2010,” OPP said in a tweet.

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.