Ontario Prime Minister Public Health Bureaucrats Double Failed COVID Policy


After a year of rigorous action intended to “flatten the curve” in the COVID-19 pandemic, last week, Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford said his state was worse than ever, with record numbers. He revealed that he was hospitalized with COVID-19.

Did Ford respond by retreating to rethink Ontario’s economic leveling strategy without improving Ontario’s health? Did he dismiss an incompetent public health bureaucracy that would make things worse? Did he learn from many jurisdictions around the world that have been successful in managing pandemics?

No, Ford instead doubled its failed policy by blocking the state for another four weeks and calling on police to threaten anyone who could violate the stay-at-home order.

But all the terrible mistakes cannot be chalked to Ford. He inherited one of the least capable medical systems in the industrialized world. Last year’s Ontario Financial Accountability (FAO) report comparing Ontario’s health care system to that of 42 OECD countries reported that Ontario was the worst ranked per capita bed, not to mention pandemics. , The extra capacity that hospitals need on a daily basis. As an example of Ontario’s public health self-satisfaction, we opened a new hospital in January for the first time in 30 years. This is a project of almost 20 years.

But if Ford was dealt a bad hand, he wouldn’t have been able to make it worse.

When it became clear that Ontario needed a large amount of additional hospital capacity to deal with the pandemic, Ford did not promote a coordinated plan to rapidly upgrade the sad state of the state’s hospitals. .. Rather, he successfully increased the number of new acute care beds by less than 7%. To free the bed for the expected high-profile pandemic patients, Ford primarily has “selective” heart surgery, cancer screening, hip replacement, prostate surgery, cataract surgery, and other needs. We chose to deny service to tens of thousands of ontarians who could be classified as “.” — According to FAO, “most delayed surgery is medically necessary, so longer surgery will result in longer surgery.” Ontarian outcomes worsen, making it harder for hospitals to eventually eliminate untreated portion of delayed surgery. “

He has management and staff in places where Ford had the most authority and ability to act, and where the need to act vigorously was most important: all government-run or government-regulated long-term care facilities. I imposed a loose toothless blockade on the body, which is repeatedly ignored. In one such house in Scarborough, quoted 13 times by state inspectors, staff moved from room to room without using protective equipment, without changing gowns, and otherwise needed. I ignored the infection prevention measures. The majority of Ontario’s deadly COVID-19 cases are due to outbreaks in long-term care facilities, mainly due to Ford’s inability to focus on real and unimaginable problems. I will.

In contrast to the loose blockade, where their need was real, Ford imposed a severe blockade on imaginary problems that proved to be twisted. The degree of perversion was found to be overweight (28.3%) or obesity (50.8%) in nearly 80% of those requiring COVID-related inpatient treatment, a CDC study of approximately 150,000 adults, and Kaiser. It can be seen in the Permanente study. Of approximately 50,000 adults who have shown that inactivity is strongly associated with the risk of hospitalization, ICU admission, and death.

The best way to flatten the curve is to flatten the stomach, but Ford’s latest stay-at-home order, in addition to gym restrictions, is a field activity that promotes golf, tennis, soccer, camping, and other fitness. I imposed a limit on. Consistent with what is expected from the blockade, a February 2021 Harris poll found that 42 percent of American adults have averaged 29 pounds of undesired weight gain since the pandemic began. Indicates that you have reported.

Other Ford turmoil included the closure of schools where healthy young people face little risk to their health, and the prevention of herd immunity, which is generally the ultimate guarantor of the healthy masses. It was.

It’s not as if Ford didn’t have an example of what would work. While Ontario hospitals are preparing for floods and their daily deaths are expected to surge to triple digits, Swedish hospitals are relatively well-prepared throughout the pandemic, with daily deaths It has decreased to a single digit. Sweden without blockades has fewer deaths per capita than closed European countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain. Florida also abandoned its blockade policy early, but despite its large elderly population, it has outperformed the blockade.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis said the blockade was a “big mistake” on April 16. His regret for unknowingly pursuing blockade fashion is reflected in the Wall Street Journal editorial. “The blockade wasn’t worth it.” “No government has published a cost-benefit analysis to justify the blockade policy. Policy makers often need to make less important decisions.” I will.

Ford didn’t need a cost-benefit analysis before taking his state off the cliff, like any other I, the leader. He is trapped in the whims of a handful of public health bureaucrats who cannot defy the legitimacy that creates failure when they fail. And until that changes, Ontarian will also be captured.

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