Ontario Quebec authorities raise concerns about Easter, considering strengthening COVID measures

On March 15, 2021, the COVID-19 vaccine will be vaccinated into a syringe at the Montreal Vaccination Clinic. As health officials and politicians urge Canadians to stay home, the two states that suffered the most from COVID-19 are being subject to stricter restrictions as the number of cases surges. For the upcoming Easter holidays. (Paul Chiasson / The Canadian Press)

The two states that suffered the most from COVID-19 impose stricter restrictions as the number of cases surges. Health officials and politicians are urging Canadians to stay home during the upcoming Easter holiday.

The Prime Ministers of Ontario and Quebec have expressed concern about the increase in active infections in the third wave of the pandemic, suggesting that more stringent measures can be taken.

Quebec’s Prime Minister Fran├žois Legor will announce the next afternoon after warning five areas where residents have said they are ignoring pandemic rules.

Five areas under surveillance have recently been deregulated, including the city of Quebec and the Outaouais area across the river from Ottawa.

In Ontario, Prime Minister Doug Ford is ready to announce on Thursday whether he will take new steps to curb the spread of the virus.

Several other officials, including Ford and Canada’s top public health doctor Teresatum, have called on residents to refrain from gathering for Easter.

By Ana Banuelos

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