Ontario Schools Offer Rapid Testing, Ventilation, and Cohort Protocols When Students Return on Monday

When Ontario children return to face-to-face learning on Monday, the school will offer two rapid antigen tests, better ventilation, and a temporary cohorting protocol as a measure to protect against the COVID-19 pandemic. You can expect it. ..

At a press conference on Wednesday, Lecce announced these additional safety measures and facilities to the school in response to concerns about students returning to face-to-face learning in the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We strongly believe that children need to attend school and are essential to their mental and physical health and academic success,” Lecce said, making this decision the highest medical responsibility in Ontario. He added that he was “fully endorsed” by others. Dr. Kieran Moore and the Ontario Children’s Health Union.

The Ontario Ministry of Education has provided written details of plans to return to school (pdf), Centered around many previously announced measures.

“The Ontario School Establishment and Conservation Plan deploys millions of rapid tests in schools and child care centers, enhances ventilation and high quality PPE, and voluntarily vaccines for both children and staff. The focus is on increasing access to, “Letche said.

He said school and daycare students and staff will each undergo two rapid antigen tests when they return to school.

Prior to the reopening on 17 January, 3.9 million rapid antigen tests have been shipped to schools, but the government will continue to increase access to staff and parents.

The government has also set up school-based clinics to further promote vaccination of children and adolescents who require parental consent.

In addition, the state also provides more than 9 million non-wearable N95 masks for all education and child care staff. Another 4 million three-layer masks provided to students are also on their way to school.

The school’s ventilation system has been further upgraded, adding an additional 3,000 HEPA units to the 70,000 HEPA units installed in the school since September 2021.

At another technical media briefing on Wednesday, government officials said school principals were asked to monitor student and staff absenteeism at school, and parents when the level of absenteeism reached about 30%. Said to notify.

Schools now need to report staff absenteeism to local public health units daily to monitor school disruptions.

The Ontario Board of Education can also alternate between face-to-face and online learning to reduce the risk of school closure due to the absence of COVID-19-related staff when the school reopens.

On Tuesday, Ontario’s parents and teachers’ union expressed concern about the resumption plan after the Minister of Health announced that PCR tests would be available to school students and staff only when symptoms appeared. ..

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.