Ontario withdraws new restrictions that have sparked the wrath of many

Toronto (AP) — Ontario’s premiere lifted restrictions on Saturday, banned playgrounds, and responded to backlash from police, health officials, and the general public, explaining reasons for going out and addressing people who weren’t at home. Allowed to request the police to provide.

Pandemic restrictions imposed by Canada’s most populous states claim that police will not use new forces to randomly stop pedestrians and drivers, and health experts say the rules are more dangerous indoor environments He quickly turned against it because he complained that he was focusing on outdoor activities rather than.

The Ontario Prime Minister Doug Ford’s government announced on Friday that it has empowered police to explain to those who are not at home why they are out and to require them to provide their address. You can write a ticket.

However, Ontario’s Under Secretary of Justice, Sylvia Jones, said Saturday police officers would no longer have the right to stop pedestrians and vehicles, ask why they were out, or request their home address.

But Jones demands that police provide information to ensure compliance with restrictions if there is reason to suspect that police officers are attending organized public events or social gatherings. He said he could.

Earlier, at least 12 police across Ontario, including the capital of Toronto, said there were no random stops of people or cars.

“We are all experiencing the horrific years of COVID-19 and all associated with it together. (The department) does not randomly stop the vehicle during or after the pandemic for no reason.” Halton Police Chief Steve Tanner tweeted.

Ford’s Friday announcement restricted outdoor gatherings to people in the same family and people on closed playgrounds and golf courses. This decision has sparked widespread criticism in already blocked states. Restaurants and gymnasiums are closed as well as in-class school education. Most non-essential workers work from home.

Ford withdrew its first announced playground ban on Saturday, but tweeted that “the ban on outdoor rallies will continue to come into force.”

Ford complained about crowded parks and playgrounds, but the new meeting on Friday didn’t mention workplaces that were considered essential, such as factories where the virus was rampant.

“We need more restrictions to reduce indoor contact, support for front-line key workers, paid sick leave, and the deployment of high-priority vaccines for the affected community. “That’s Joe Cressy of the Toronto City Council, tweeted.

“What we have gained: the closure of outdoor equipment necessary to maintain the safety and health of people.”

“We haven’t intubated COVID patients infected by being in the playground yet,” tweeted Dr. Ian Praila, who works at Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington, Ontario.

“Warehousemen, truck drivers, construction workers … one of my COVID patients today didn’t get this in the park. They’re angry and have no voice. It’s shameful.” Said Dr. Aman Sidu, a pulmonary doctor in Toronto.

Dr. Andrew Morris, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Toronto, said closing playgrounds and other outdoor recreational facilities would “hurt children and their families who have already lost their happiness due to forced school closures. “.

He said the new rule, “Even though police allow them to target those who choose to hire them to ensure they are properly out of the house. It does not produce paid sick leave or improved protection for critical workers. “

“This doesn’t affect white people like me. It’s aimed at key workers and racist people. This is what people talk about when explaining systematic racism. Morris writes to his followers by email every week.

Ontario reported 4,362 new infections on Saturday, infecting a record 2,065 people in hospitals treated with COVID. He appealed to send nurses and other health care workers to other states.

Immunization is on the rise in Canada and the presence of more contagious variants in Ontario is creating a third wave of infection.

Ford said the lack of vaccines required new restrictions.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Friday that Pfizer will double shipments of vaccines to Canada next month, with millions more shots than expected in May and June.

All qualified Canadians are expected to get at least one shot by July.

Ontario closed the school a few days ago after claiming it was safe for weeks. ) The new first order to close the playground infuriated parents.

“Cognitive dissonance between school-asserting ministers of education is safe, and closing the playground is a headache,” said Jim Vlahos, two 44-year-old fathers in Toronto.

“There is no rhyme or reason for outdoor closure.”

Owen Holiday, a 16-year-old who works at a golf course in Shelburne, Ontario, said he is currently absent from work and is very angry, especially for older people exercising through sports.

“All protocols, prepaid reservations, clubhouse closures, wearing masks when riding with non-family members, no post-tea time gatherings. Golf is as safe as possible,” he said. ..