Ontario’s new anti-trafficking policy welcomed child protection groups

For organizations at the forefront of trafficking in young people, the new policy framework of the Government of Ontario, which requires boards of education to implement anti-trafficking protocols, is welcome news.

“It’s great that trafficking prevention and education are funded,” Julianne Moore, the trafficking program coordinator at the Boost Child and Youth Advocacy Center, told The Epoch Times.

July 6th, Ontario New policy Therefore, all school boards need to develop a “plan and anti-trafficking protocol” to protect their students.

The plan should include efforts to raise awareness of sexual trafficking. Assist students at risk or being sexually trafficked. Train employees, educators, and other school staff for such crimes. Establish an accountability and assessment approach.

The government’s first policy framework in Canada is based on an updated health and physical education curriculum for grades 1-8, announced by Minister of Education Stephen Lecce in 2019.

To implement the new policy, the Ontario government also said it would allocate $ 2.4 million to provide training and resources related to the state school board.

“School teachers and staff spend a lot of time with young people and have close relationships with them, so they are in a very good position to identify behavioral changes and concerns. [students] You may have one, “Moore said.

“It’s important to educate them not only about what to look for, but how to respond.”

Moore pointed out that when young people are “alienated” at school and at home, they become more vulnerable to sexual trafficking.

“Young people who suffer from low self-esteem, school bullying, family problems, and a history of sexual abuse are more likely to be trafficked,” she said.

Ontario is a trafficking hub and is growing around the world. According to the Ontario government, the state accounted for about 55% of all trafficking cases reported by police in Canada in 2019, with more than 70% of trafficking victims identified by police that year under the age of 25. He also mentioned that there were, and 21% were under the age of 18.

Boost Child and Youth Advocacy Center Founded in 1981 As a special committee on child sexual abuse of the President of Metropolitan Toronto. In 1997, it expanded its mission to combat all forms of child abuse. The organization currently offers programs for investigating child abuse and trafficking, as well as treatment programs for traumatized children and their families.

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