Operator of a pet rescue organization in Kentucky charged with animal cruelty

Pet rescue organizations were closed and their operators charged with animal cruelty after the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office announced that they had found cats and dogs living in “disastrous conditions.” ..

The sheriff’s office said in a Facebook post that the agent who executed the search warrant found 102 dogs and 150 cats at CATS (Caring About Treasured Strays) at 213 Jeffersonville on Wednesday. Stated.

“Some animals were sick … and lived in dire conditions,” said the sheriff’s office.

The sheriff’s office said investigators had obtained a warrant after receiving complaints that animals were being abused at the facility.

The sheriff’s office said the photo was too graphic to share. According to the sheriff’s office, the animals will be taken from the scene and treated.

The sheriff’s office said it was backed by an independent veterinarian and organization Guardian of rescue..

Jeffersonville’s Lenny Ann Zaharrier, 60, and William Brian Zaharrier, 65, were charged with a second abuse of animals. They will be prosecuted on May 17, according to court records.

Post to CATS Facebook page “Adoption and ingestion stopped until later notice,” he said briefly on Thursday morning.

The supporters soon came to the operator’s defense and shared the story of the pets they hired through CATS.

Renee Zaharie said she would like to get help from cleaning and tidying volunteers as she prepares to move to a new large building on Friday night.