Opinion poll discovers nationalist on the road to winning an independent “super-majority” in Holyrood elections

Alex Salmond's Aruba Party will win 6 seats, according to a new poll-& # xa0; Shutterstock

Alex Salmond’s Aruba Party is on course to win six seats, according to a new poll-Shutterstock

According to a new poll, the Scottish nationalist party is on its way to winning the “super-majority” in the Holyrood elections, with Alex Salmond’s new Aruba party winning six seats.

According to the Sunday Times Panelbase survey, three separatist parties won 79 of the 129 seats in the Scottish Parliament, and Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP won a small majority of the 65 seats.

In addition, the independent Scottish Green Party wins eight seats. According to an analysis by Sir John Curtis of the University of Strathclyde, the Scottish Conservatives had 24 seats, the Scottish Labor Party had 20 seats, and the Liberal Democratic Party had 5 seats.

George Galloway could enter the Scottish Parliament because his union-friendly Unity Group alliance could occupy a single seat.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said the results showed that voting for a smaller unionist party like Galloway would only help nationalists.

They will also pressure Boris Johnson to stop opposition to empowering Ms. Sturgeon in another independence referendum.

Thurmond said: “Our claim to the majority of independence cannot be made arithmetically. More and more MSPs support independence. What do you hate?”

After another survey released last week, polls have been a big boost to him, showing only 3 percent of support for the first time since he announced the new party. You cannot win a single seat.

In contrast, a new poll found that the Aruba Party had 6 percent support. Mr. Thurmond said he would like to manipulate Hollyood’s complex electoral system to achieve a “super-majority” for independence, and nationalists would like to vote for SNPs for his party on the electoral college and regional list.

The former Prime Minister argued that the strategy could provide the Holyrood Chamber of Commerce, where 70% of MSPs support separation, even though it is only supported by about half of the population.

But Mr. Sturgeon said She will refuse to work with a former mentor After he refused to show a grudge against improper behavior with women. He was exempted from all charges in last year’s trial.

Alex Salmond's Aruba Party will win 6 seats, according to a new poll-& # xa0; Getty Images Europe

Alex Salmond’s Aruba Party is on course to win six seats, according to a new poll-Getty Images Europe

Sir John said the Panelbase results were “good news” for the Aruba party, but a 2% drop in approval ratings would reduce their tally to one MSP.

He states: “Aruba may be recording a reliable performance and leaving almost empty-handed.

“Most of the seats a party can win seem to be secured at the expense of the union party, with a 6% tally, but our prediction is that the couple would otherwise be SNPs or Greens. Suggests that you may have won by. “

He said the Aruba party is appealing to nationalists who want a quick schedule for the second independent referendum. Up to 70% of supporters want another separate vote within a year, compared to 48% of voters on the SNP list.

Ninety-three percent of Aruba’s supporters believe that Mr. Thurmond is “the right person to run for election,” but only 13% of SNP supporters shared this view.

Panelbase surveyed 1,009 adults in Scotland between March 30th and April 1st, with Alliance for Unity winning 4%.

Galloway urged unionists to tactically vote in the constituency for the party best to beat the SNP and bring the party back on the list. However, both Tories and Labor rely heavily on winning seats on the regional list.

Ross said on the phone of the Radio Force elections that the most important finding of the new poll said, “Small parties don’t have enough support to win a significant number of MSPs, but nationalists parliament. ..

“And that’s my biggest concern. If people don’t support the trial-and-error method of stopping the Scottish Conservative nationalists five years ago, they’re actually SNP or Alex Salmond nationalists. It is helping to hold a parliament once. It was once again dominated by another independence referendum. “

But Galloway tweeted. “Why do you miss the chance to put me in #Holyrood instead of others? The status quo cartel has put us in this mess. Get rid of it.”

“This is the most important election in Scotland’s history. All votes are important, and this vote gives the SNP fewer votes than both votes,” said Keith Brown, SNP’s deputy leader. Shows that it means betting on the future of Scotland. “