Opinion polls suggest that not all Canadian hockey fans endorsed the hub during the playoffs.

Placing a team in the Tampa, Florida-Stanley Cup Finals cannot help Canada bridge the divisions of the region.

Not everyone north of the border supports the Montreal Canadiens. They tried to refuse hockey’s most important prize, defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning, to skate a second straight around the ice.

A weekend cross-border online survey by Leger and the Canadian Research Association found that 14% of respondents (including nearly one in four in Manitoba and Saskatchewan) support Tampa Bay. I did.

Lightning defeated Hubs 1-0 Game 5 on Wednesday, finishing an unbelievably deep playoff run in one of Canada’s most famous hockey franchises.

Nationwide, 57% of the 1,518 participants in the survey checked the hub checkboxes, with regional support being the strongest in Quebec and the weakest in Prairie.

Only in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, Montreal’s support failed to exceed the 50% threshold. Probably due to the early termination of 4-0 from the playoffs that the Canadiens went to Winnipeg Jet last month.

Online surveys do not randomly sample the population, so you cannot assign a margin of error.

The survey also investigated the political loyalty of respondents. Of those who said they would vote for Bloc Québécois, 82% supported the hub, compared to 71% for the liberals.

The New Democrats found support for 55% of those who supported the Canadians, kicking out 53% of the Conservatives and 42% of the Greens.

The survey also raised a similar question to a panel of 1,003 US respondents and found that only 21% of them supported Bolt, compared to 14% who supported the Canadians. ..

Two-thirds (66%) of American respondents say they don’t follow hockey.

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