Opinion Show, a course for Andy Street in Torries to beat Boris Johnson’s West Midlands in the “Red Wall” Mayor’s Contest



Andy Street in Torries has hit Keir Starmer’s efforts to erode the Conservative “red wall” power base on the outskirts of London and is on the road to regaining Boris Johnson’s West Midlands. ..

According to an exclusive poll, Mr. Street is four points ahead of former Labor Minister Liam Byrne in the race to become the mayor of the West Midlands, even considering the second election vote from the “Left” party.

According to pollster polls of 1,000 adults, “Look Now,” and election experts, Election Calculator, Street is up 52% ​​to 45%, or 7 points, in the first poll.

Mr Street is still 52% to 48% ahead when there is a second priority vote from Liberal Democratic Party Jenny Wilkinson, Greens Steve Codewell, and local independent candidate Asheville Sanga.

Martin Baxter, CEO Election calculation “This is another tough competition for the Mayor of West Midlands, and according to our polls, Andy Street is just around the corner again, but his lead is smaller than the margin of error, so it’s still complete. No, no dust. “

Mr. Street, 57, participated in politics after taking command of John Lewis. His victory in the West Midlands mayoral elections in September 2016 was seen as a major turmoil.

In an interview last week, Street suggested that Boris Johnson’s occupation of the Midlands and traditional Labor bases in the north in the 2019 general election was a precursor to a political quake. “The West Midlands was where the red walls first collapsed,” he told the Daily Mail.

“In 2005 there was only one MP in Black Country, but now there are 10 out of 13” Some people on the left said this happened in 2019 at two points, Brexit and Corbyn. I want to understand that it is abnormal. And I simply reject it. This is a much longer term phenomenon here.

“We advanced in 2010, 2015, 2017 and 2019. My election in 2017 was the first true breakthrough point in it. What happened after that It’s history.

“What we see in this election is that supporting the Conservatives in some of these areas is far deeper than the Labor wants us to believe. . “

This was a major test for new Labor leader Starmer, and could the results regain the party’s appeal, along with grassroots voters disillusioned with Corbyn’s London-centric radical policies? Provides insights on what to do.

Chris Holbrook, CEO Find now, States as follows. “West Midlands politics is an important part of the country’s overall picture, and I’m happy to be able to spotlight it in polls.”