Opposition Foreign Minister blames the government for “strengthening war”

Australia’s shadow foreign minister, Penny Wong, has accused the government of “amplifying” the outlook for the war with Beijing over Taiwan and politicizing the country’s foreign policy.

of remarks Wong outlined the Australian Labor Party’s foreign policy initiative to the Australian National University on November 23, noting the failure of the current government’s approach.

Regarding the Taiwan issue, Shadow Foreign Minister said the position of “strategic ambiguity” over the island’s sovereignty allowed the United States and its allies to avoid conflict and the region to live in “peace and prosperity.” rice field.

“When (Defense Minister) Peter Dutton said it was” unthinkable “that Australians would not” participate “in the war over Taiwan, he was long adopted by Australia and our major allies. It’s a big departure from the strategy we’ve been using, “Won said.

“Increasing the prospect of a war with a superpower is the most dangerous election tactic in Australian history. A tactic adopted by irresponsible politicians desperate to take power at any cost. “She added.

Mr Wong said the move shows that the government is anxious to stick to power at all costs.

Senator also played the focus of Labor leader Anthony Albanese’s foreign policy.

“We will secure a more central role in foreign policy in the content and implementation of our strategy, and we will focus on the important task of maximizing our influence in the restructuring of the region. “She added.

“But predicting these three elements of Australia’s foreign policy: the reality, partnerships and capabilities of modern Australia is also a way for us to better shape the world.”

Mr Wong also called for further action on climate change in the region and promised to appoint a special envoy to ASEAN.

Defense Minister Dutton previously claimed that Australia would support the United States in the event of a conflict in the Straits of Taiwan.

Beijing has taken increasingly active action in the region, including sending military aircraft to Taiwan’s airspace and strengthening its army.

At Congress on Tuesday, Dutton warned of the increasingly unstable nature of the region.

“We are worried about the buildup of military power, the buildup of military power by others in the region,” he told the sitting members.

“We know that there has been a huge change in China’s attitude towards its partners, the East China Sea and the South China Sea.”

Daniel Y. Ten