Opposition lawmakers call for speedy meeting with emerging minister on holiday travel disruptions

Opposition lawmakers have called a quick meeting with the Liberal MP chairman of the House Transport Committee, including the presence of Transport Minister Omar Al-Ghabra, to discuss significant flight and train delays and cancellations during the holiday season, and how to handle them. I am asking for Disruption of travel by related companies.

“I have just written to the Chairman of the Transport Commission requesting the Minister. [Alghabra’s] I will attend a special conference on holiday travel disruptions,” wrote NDP traffic critic Taylor Bachrach. Twitter post January 4th.

“The Canadian deserves to know the actions and plans he has taken to better protect his passengers.”

Bachrach, a member of the Commons Transportation Commission, said in his post letter The chairman of the committee, Liberal MP Peter Siefke, was also signed by the committee’s Conservative MPs Mark Strahl, Leslyn Lewis, Dan Mews and Chris Lewis.

Siefke said on Tuesday that he would convene a transport committee on “unacceptable delays and cancellations” and would ask representatives from both VIA Rail and Sunwing Airlines to attend. However, he did not mention seeking Al-Ghabra’s testimony.

Strahl, a Conservative transport commentator, said: “I have asked Transport Minister Omar Al-Ghabra to answer questions about how he has allowed it.” Twitter post January 4th.

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Many Canadians traveling internationally via Sunwing over the holiday season were stranded overseas for several days after their planned return flights, but the airline told the Epoch Times in an earlier statement that it was “not scheduled.” I can confirm that all the recovery flights that are in progress have been completed.”

Travelers on VIA Rail also experienced delays during the holidays, with some passengers trapped on trains stuck for hours due to bad weather.

A letter to Schiefke, signed by five Committee members, indicated that Schiefke would hold a meeting within five calendar days to consider written requests, and would notify all members 48 hours in advance of such meeting. I am requesting house rules.

“Given his role in overseeing Canada’s transportation system, it is important that these hearings include the two-hour attendance of Transport Minister Omar Al-Ghabra.” letter“In your capacity as Chairman, it would be wise to begin arranging for the attendance of Ministers at once.”

Alghabra had previously responded to Schiefke’s announcement that it would convene a committee on the issue.

“It’s going to be an important debate. Canadians deserve an answer!” Twitter post January 3rd.

Noé Chartier contributed to this report.

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Peter Wilson is a reporter based in Ontario, Canada.