Opposition lawmakers fear to challenge government over the effectiveness of the blockade: Senate has hope


According to Senate hopeful Campbell Newman, opposition leaders are behind government-mandated blockades or restrictions on COVID-19 that have seriously affected the mental health of small businesses and Australians. I was reluctant to dispute for some reason.

A long-time Liberal Democrat, a former Queensland prime minister who resigned in July because of a policy on COVID-19 restrictions, joined the Liberal Democratic Party in early August and ran for the federal Senate in the next election.

Mr Newman told The Epoch Times about the outlook for the LDP elections, and opposition leaders said they “did not have the courage” to confront their respective governments about the consequences of lockdown on the well-being of businesses and Australians. rice field.

“The political class we have in this country basically felt very easy or easy to get out of the way, and so the government didn’t really have any opposition.” He said.

In fact, the decision by New South Wales (NSW) Prime Minister Gladys Beresikirian to provide freedom to fully vaccinated individuals was criticized by state opposition leader Chris Mins. “Ring of Still” And more financial support. By late September, Greater Sydney will be under strict blockade for three months.

On August 21, 2021, New South Wales Police blocked major roads around Broadway in Sydney, Australia. (Lisa Marie Williams / Getty Images)

Over the past year, four incumbent state or territory governments have won overwhelming elections.

“In Tasmania, the Labor Party decided to fight internally against itself. In Queensland, opposition did not overthrow, insist, or carry out plans. Newman said. He just raised a white flag in Western Australia, citing a very unusual move by then-leader of the Liberal Party in Western Australia, Zak Kirkup. ” I didn’t expect to win Next election.

“In each of these states, there were no alternative plans or policies proposed in an effective way, and no criticism of the government,” he said.

The Liberal Democratic Party’s message will resonate with voters as Australia’s attitude towards COVID-19 restrictions has changed over the past six months, especially in New South Wales and Victoria, where the strictest and longest blockades have taken place. Stated.

Meanwhile, protests against the restrictions took place more frequently, including a national event rallying in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Coolangatta-Tweed Heads on the weekend of August 21st.

“The prime minister, who is very familiar with polls and focus groups, the prime minister he is a leading star, changed his story only last week,” he said. “By the way, I think we (Liberal Democratic Party) have something to do with it in that it points out what our plans will be. As a result, he is now talking about freedom, which he is remarkably talking about. Criticizes the state prime minister when he wasn’t ready to do it for a long time. “

Epoch Times Photo
Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the Parliament Building in Canberra, Australia, August 20, 2021. (Rohan Thomson / Getty Images)

In recent weeks, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has closed the blockade, publicly pleaded for Australia to “go forward together,” and pleaded for state and territory leaders to follow the country’s four-step immunization roadmap. Encouraged.

However, the message is different from last month, when Morrison has greatly assisted state leaders in easily implementing border closures and snap lockdowns. In some cases, it was a single infection.

Recent figures reveal the damage caused by the extended blockade on mental health support services, Lifeline Australia said August was the busiest month on record, while suicide attempt rates Also increased..

Unemployment is also increasing in New South Wales as it lost 200,000 SMEs, 64,000 SMEs and 12,000 large businesses in the three weeks from June 26th to July 17th. increase. Business worker.

Meanwhile, the LDP remains strong in its zero COVID policy, widespread health restrictions, including blockades, and vaccine passports. The party is also calling for Free Day, December 4, 2021.

Daniel Y. Ten