Opposition leaders focus criticism on Ford in Ontario election debate

The May 16 Ontario election leaders debate began with progressive conservative leader Doug Ford and liberal leader Stephen del Duca criticizing each other’s proposed policies. rice field.

Ford rattled the list of accusations in Del Duca, including regaining license plate renewals and increasing highway tolls.

Del Duca, whose party moved from the formation of the government to a third-party position behind the NDP in the 2018 elections, disputed each point and led Ford to the Ontario Liberal Party’s website to pledge the campaign. confirmed.

Ford’s opening statement emphasized his plans to build Highway 413 and the Bradford Bypass, saying the economy is booming.

NDP leader Andrea Horwath said he hopes the new Democrats will be able to fix what is most important to Ontario citizens.

Throughout the debate, Ford faced a barrage of attacks from other party leaders, but largely refused to feed instead of mentioning his own message of building infrastructure and affordability. Did.

Greens leader Mike Schleiner also attacked Ford and criticized the prime minister for limiting the increase in compensation for nurses and other public sector workers.

Ford said his party would fund nurse tuition when working in poorly serviced areas, and his government gave personalized workers a $ 3 hourly salary increase for nurses. He said he was giving him a $ 5,000 reservation bonus.

Three other leaders argued that abolishing the law limiting the increase in compensation for nurses and other public sector workers would help them rather than give them a lump sum.

That law, Bill 124, also affected teachers and triggered a tense round of education contract negotiations with the Ford government.

Teachers and educational staff who fought various strikes and work-to-rule struggles over wage restrictions expanded the size of their classes, and Ford mandated two online learning courses for high school graduation, but the government eventually mandated the latter. Two positions have been relaxed. The government also briefly thought about reducing kindergartens throughout the day.

Ford said he was proud of his government record of education, saying he was helping students prepare for future jobs.

Like the Greens, it is not included in the Monday debate with leaders of the New Blue and Ontario parties, who currently have MPPs in the Ontario Parliament, respectively.

Canadian Press contributed to this report.

Epoch Times Staff