Oregon’s Democrats are at risk as five states hold US House primaries

Washington (AP) —Middle Democrats have faced him for many years after angry with colleagues for years The most difficult main task Still in Oregon.

Republican Nova in North Carolina Suffering from personal and professional scandals I’m trying to win in his GOP-friendly district.

And in the United States, the outflow of Democrats has reduced the number of parliamentary seats to six.

Result of House primary contest Held in Idaho, Kentucky, North Carolina, Oregon, and Pennsylvania, it’s unlikely to provide hints on which party will dominate the Chamber of Commerce next year. But they will provide insight into the direction each party is heading after two years of unified democratic rule in Washington.

Overview of the race to track:

Retirement raft

The six seats opened to win seats on Tuesday were vacated by Democrats who chose to retire or seek higher positions instead of running again.

Massive outflows from parliament are not uncommon before midterm elections, where voters historically punished the incumbent presidential party. But this year, 31 unusually high House Democrats have announced they will never run again.

Most are safe Democratic seats, or at least leaning that way. So, next year, they probably won’t play a role in deciding which party will dominate the House of Representatives. However, retirement represents a significant loss of experience, knowledge and influence at the Capitol of the House of Representatives, emphasizing the party’s deep pessimism about their outlook for November.

The Western Pennsylvania seats held by Congressman Connoram are one of the few seats considered competitive.he Choosed to run for a vacant US Senate seat in the state Instead of asking for reelection.

In Louisville, Kentucky State Senate Minority Leader Morgan Kugarbay and Progressive Member of Parliament Attica Scott Competing for exchange Retired House Budget Committee Chairman John YarmouthWas first elected in 2006.

In Oregon Retirement of Peter Defazio, Chairman of the House Transport Infrastructure Committee Scramble has started. The State Labor Relations Commission’s Val Foil is a leading candidate for a safe Democratic seat.

Madison Cawthorn

With Madison Corthorn’s unexpected victory in 2020, he became the youngest member of the House of Representatives and a rising star of the Republican Party.So scandal It was piled up.

The 26-year-old conservative has been criticized not only by North Carolina but also by Republican officials in Washington. He is currently facing a major challenge as he seeks a re-election to the Western North Carolina area.

The race attracted more than half a dozen candidates who could split the anti-Corthorn vote. However, Corthorn has Republican support, and that opinion may be the most influential.

“Recently, he made some stupid mistakes, but I don’t think it will happen again,” former President Donald Trump said in a statement on Monday.

Tests for moderates in Oregon

US Democrat Kurt Schrader, a moderate Oregon Democrat, has often been in conflict with his party. He likened Trump’s second impeachment trial to “lynching” and voted against Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi in 2019, helping President Joe Biden collapse the social spending agenda.

Nonetheless, Schroeder, a member of the 7th term, won Biden’s support prior to Tuesday’s Primary in his newly redrawn district. The district is slightly less democratic than it used to be, and contains only about half of the voters who previously elected him to parliament.

Progressive Challenger Jamie McLeodskinner has the support of the local Democrats in all four counties covered by the seats. If she wins, she could face a tough general election campaign against Republican winners.


Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson of Idaho confronted conservative lawyer Brian Smith on a ballot in 2014 and smoked more than 20 percent points. This time it may be different.

Simpson ignited some hardline conservatives in support of an investigation into the origin of the January 6, 2021 Trump supporter mob attack on the US Capitol. He also called Trump “not worthy of becoming president” in 2016.

Currently, the 12th legislator has attracted a few major challengers, including Smith, for the Second Parliamentary District, which he has represented since 1999.

One of the biggest problems with racing is local.Simpson Advocate breaking the dam along the Snake River Helps protect salmon. Smith says it will devastate the state.

“He’s basically a declaration of war on farmers, ranchers and families,” Smith told the Idaho Falls Post Register.

Cryptocurrency in Congress

Cryptocurrency billionaire spending has helped political newcomer Carrick Flynn become a leading candidate in a crowded Democratic primary in the new 6th Parliamentary district of Oregon near Portland. rice field.

Flynn said he has no strong feelings about cryptocurrencies, the industry that spent a lot of money this year to select their preferred candidates. However, he is a beneficiary of a $ 10 million advertising campaign from the Protect Our Future group and is a rare key candidate for the leadership of House Democratic.

Carrick’s rival Loretta Smith, who wants to be the first black woman to be elected to Congress from Oregon, said the involvement of Pelosi’s campaign department was “rude and wrong.”

She and other Democrats Criticized the movement During a joint press conference where they accused it of insulting Oregon voters.

At the Nine Primary, Carrick appears to be trapped in close competition with state legislator Andrea Salinas.


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