Organized crime notified in Australia


Victoria and New South Wales in southern Australia have taken key steps to combat organized crime, have set up specialized task forces and expanded police authority to mitigate the spread of crime in the underground world. doing.

Victorian police have launched the state’s first new task force to combat serious and organized criminal syndication. New South Wales is expanding police authority to target unexplained wealth and the use of dedicated encrypted devices.

Victoria’s new tactical and investigative unit, known as the VIPER Task Force, is tasked with preventing, deterring, sabotaging, and dismantling the criminal activity of organized crime networks and outlaw motorcycle gangs.

VIPER stands for Visibility, Intelligence, Prevention, Enforcement, and Reassurance, and its establishment was developed following a 2021 criminal command review and after a survey of similar models in Australia and around the world.

Multidisciplinary teams consisting of detectives, general police, intelligence officers, and members of a team that is offensive to public order and morals identify a diverse combination of professional skills within a single task force, and police are responsible for these. It makes it possible to target every aspect of the crime associated with the group and its companions.

Police Secretary Shane Patton announced on Friday that this is one of the most collaborative and proactive moves against organized crime groups in the history of state police and is swift in terms of community security. He said he was hoping for results.

“We want to create the most hostile environment for organized crime in Victoria, and we don’t apologize for that,” he said.

“The VIPER Task Force increases pressure on these criminal groups through a series of enforcement activities designed to describe these criminal groups. We target all of their activities.”

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Victoria Police Chief Shane Patton will speak to the media on July 2, 2020 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Darrian Traynor / Getty Images)

The Task Force actively targets criminals involved in crimes such as murder and shooting, and has the flexibility to deploy them anywhere in the state.

Target Organized Crime Syndicate Associates and Facilitators

To create a hostile environment for those involved in organized crime, the VIPER Task Force also targets known members, associates, and facilitators of these groups.

Searching for firearms ban orders, checking bail compliance, and deploying to events known to host members of serious and organized criminal syndications are one of the actions that may be taken to achieve this goal. It is one.

While the Victorian Police build on the latest information they have about these groups and their associates, the Task Force works closely with other state and federal law enforcement agencies to create a modern organization from across Australia. Use criminal information.

“As the nature of organized crime continues to evolve, we know that we are agile and must change the way we confront these groups. The VIPER Task Force actively targets organized crime. There is no doubt that it will greatly enhance the ability to confuse and dismantle, “Patton said.

Extended New South Wales Police Authority to Address Organized Crime

The announcement of the new VIPER Task Force in Victoria on Friday is through a new police force targeting unexplained wealth and the use of dedicated encrypted devices used by the neighboring New South Wales (NSW) government. Just a week after announcing a new reform aimed at dismantling state organized crime, to stay under the radar by criminals.

The new law expands police power to target and confiscate unexplained wealth, stop people looking for unexplained wealth, and illegally obtain major convicted drug traffickers. Introduce new authority to confiscate assets.

In addition, it is a crime to own a dedicated encrypted device and deny police access to their content.

Deputy Police Secretary Dave Hudson said these reforms would help police anticipate the game in the fight against organized crime.

“Historically, the unexplained wealth law really relies on us to prove serious drug-related or similar crimes, and unexplained wealth falls from it,” he says. I did.

“With these changes today and today’s announcement, we carry out an unexplained and dedicated wealth investigation, the responsibility of our focus, and what criminal activity will actually occur in the first pursuit of money. You can reverse the responsibilities of criminals who aim to confirm their investigation. “

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Police Minister Paul Tour (R) spoke at a press conference on October 6, 2021 at the Government House in Sydney, Australia. (Photo courtesy of Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images)

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister and Police Minister Paul Toole said the encrypted device wasn’t a regular iPhone, but was dedicated to organizing crimes such as smuggling firearms and drugs, money laundering, and murder plans. Said it was a device.

He said the apps used were not detected by regular communication networks, but were the networks criminals used on the “dark web” to communicate with each other.

“That’s why we’re issuing bans. That’s why it’s a crime to carry an encrypted device,” Toole said, giving police access to the encrypted device. He added that he also has the authority to request.

The legislation supporting the new reforms was introduced when the Parliament of New South Wales was convened in September, and the VIPER Task Force in Victoria will come into force on July 4.

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