Orin Heatlie, an unvaccinated retired sheriff’s adjutant who launched a CA recall campaign against Gavin Newsom, tested positive for COVID-19.

Orrin Heatlie

Orrin Heatlie, the main organizer of the Recall of California Gov. Newsom campaign, poses with a banner on Saturday, March 27, 2021 at the KABC Radio Station Studios in Culver City, California, before recording a radio show. AP Photo / Damian Dovarganes

Former Sheriff Deputy Sheriff Olin Heatley, who helped organize a national dismissal campaign against California Governor Gavin Newsom, tested positive for COVID-19. According to the Los Angeles Times.

Heatley told the paper that he had been tested positive on August 28 and had not been vaccinated because he thought his previous seizures at COVID-19 would help immunize him. He claimed that he was experiencing mild symptoms and did not require hospitalization.

“People need to remain diligent and safe,” he told the LA Times. “Protect each other. Wash your hands and wear masks if necessary,” he added, adding that his wife and daughter had been vaccinated.

Heatley is facing Criticism for Associate It has mask protection, bucks protection, and conspiracy elements throughout the recall election process.

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