Osama bin Laden says “there was only one hit,” while Trump bragging about ISIS leaders and Iranian generals killed under his orders.


Donald Trump

Former President Donald Trump will speak at the Conservative Political Activities Council in Dallas, Texas, on July 11, 2021. Associated Press Photo / LM Otello

  • In an interview with Hugh Hughwitt, Trump said Osama bin Laden “had only one hit.”

  • The former president was proud of the ISIS leader and the Iranian general who were killed under his supervision.

  • “ISIS founders are many times larger in Al Baghdad than Osama bin Laden,” Trump said.

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Former President Donald Trump said Thursday that the infamous terrorist leader Osama bin Laden “had only one attack,” referring to the 9/11 terrorist attacks that were killed. 2,977 People in New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC.

While discussing the Taliban in connection with the evolving crisis in Afghanistan During the interview Along with Hugh Hughwitt, Trump bragged about his incumbent operation that killed the ISIS leader. Abu Bakuru Albug Daddy And Iran’s top general Garsem Solei Mani..

“As you know, we got ISIS’s Albagdad. He was trying to rebuild ISIS, and when I took over, ISIS was everywhere, Hugh. It’s everywhere. And I got a particular general. It was great. “

“ISIS is more Taliban than Taliban, more troublesome than Taliban, and ISIS was watching, but they no longer existed, and we are the founder of ISIS, Albagdad, and of course. I took out the Solei Mani. As you know, the Solei Mani is many times larger than the Osamabin Ladin, “continued Mr. Trump.

“ISIS founders are many times bigger than Osama bin Laden in Al-Baghdadi. Osama bin Laden made one hit at the World Trade Center in New York City, which was bad,” Trump said. Added. “But the other two were monsters. They were monsters. And I didn’t get them for years, why didn’t they get them? For years, I did it. I said. I got them. The media doesn’t talk about it. They don’t. “They don’t want to talk about it, so don’t talk about it. You talk a little about it. “

In addition to the September 11 attack, bin Laden helped plan the 1998 US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, killing more than 200 people. call, This killed 17 US Navy sailors.

The remarks of the former president came just weeks before the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. They also came as the US efforts to finalize the withdrawal from Afghanistan with the evacuation of thousands of people are becoming more and more chaotic.At least 12 U.S. military personnel were killed ISIS-K An attack outside Kabul Airport on Thursday injured another 15 people. Dozens of Afghans were also killed and injured.

Trump mediated a contract with the Taliban to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan by May. Biden mainly stuck to the deal, but extended the timeline. Former president and many Republicans have accused Biden of treating Biden’s withdrawal, Ignore the fact that Trump laid the foundation For drawers.

Since the Taliban entered Kabul in mid-August and effectively strengthened control of the country, there has been a desperate struggle to evacuate thousands of Americans and Afghans from the country. The Biden administration admitted that the Taliban were distracted by the rapid pace of regaining control of the country. Biden faces bipartisan criticism of the treatment of withdrawal.

“We are indignant and grieving,” Biden said in a Thursday evening statement about the attack in Kabul.

The president said the person in charge would be cornered. “We will hunt you down and let you pay,” Biden said.

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