Osama bin Laden’s youngest child feels only “shame” and “fear” in his father’s behavior

NSHis youngest Osama bin Laden He said he was embarrassed and scared of his father’s actions September 11, 2001..

“I couldn’t believe he had the ability to organize such things. It was very difficult that day to change our lives forever and stay alive,” said Omar bin Laden. (40 years old) interview Last week at the Jewish News Syndicate.

He said he only felt “shame and fear” about his father’s actions.

Biden vandalized after taking pictures with children in “maga” in the 9/11 Conspiracy in Shanksville

A 40-year-old artist living in Normandy, FranceSaid he was lined up to take the place of his father as a leader of Al Qaeda But I couldn’t.

File-This January 11, 2008 file photo shows Omalbin Laden during an interview with The Associated Press in Cairo, Egypt. Two weeks ago, Osama Binladin’s son, Omar, fled to Iran after a 2001 US-led invasion, with many of his father’s children in Afghanistan, surrounded by a wall under Iranian surveillance. I was on the premises. (AP photo / Nasser nacelle, file) ** zu unserem KORR ** Nasser nacelle / Associated Press

“During the years of loss and suffering, I was forced to agree on the truth about my father,” he said.

Bin Laden also wanted the opportunity to visit Israel and the United States.

“I know it’s a beautiful country, and many in it want peace with the Palestinians,” he said of the former.

Omar bin Laden has a Jewish heritage. Israel According to an interview, his mother is offered the opportunity to lecture on peace at universities across the country.

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“I know that Palestinians have lived with the Jewish country since 1948,” he said. “We believe that the world needs to live together and that neighbors of all religions can coexist peacefully.”

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