O’Toole says the commissar of state is being used to cover up scientists’ shots

Ottawa-Erin O’Toole joins a special commissar of state security as the Conservative Party is used to conceal the dismissal of two scientists from Canada’s top-level security institute It states that it will not.

Conservative leaders say members of his party have withdrawn “virtually immediately” from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of parliamentarians.

The Commission is being used as a “tool” by the Prime Minister to prevent opposition parties from discovering why the Public Health Agency of Canada ended hiring scientist Xiangguo Qiu and her husband Keding Cheng in January, he said. say.

The pair was escorted by the National Institute of Microbiology in Winnipeg in July 2019 because PHAC stated that it was “related to a possible violation of security protocols.”

Citing national security concerns, the minority Liberal government opposes the order passed by the House of Commons to submit all unedited documents related to firing to the relevant Canadian and Chinese commissions. did.

Instead, PHAC handed the document to the National Security Commission of the Parliament. Its members have the highest security clearance and are kept secret.

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