Ottawa clarifies COVID 19 travel exemption at BC US border during floods


Ottawa-Federal Emergency Response Minister said the United States sought essentials as British Columbia residents faced fines and were informed that they needed to be quarantined on their way back to Canada, as a flood broke out in the state. He said he was advised by the border guards to be able to cross over. ..

Bill Blair said the situation of those who received tickets allegedly violating quarantine restrictions was also being considered by the Public Health Agency of Canada.

Ottawa will soon return to Canada without a negative PCR test for the virus that causes COVID-19, as travelers from certain areas along the South Coast travel to the United States to buy gas and essentials. Approved to be exempt from the BC government.

According to a statement from the Canada Border Services Agency, changes to operational guidelines could result in a transition period that “may lead to some inconsistencies.”

The statement also states that it will also contact the Public Health Agency of Canada to consider all available situations in enforcing quarantine legislation.

Border officials say they do not impose fines and that decisions on penalties under the Quarantine Act are left to public health agencies or police.

According to media reports, some complain that they faced fines and quarantine if they returned to Canada without a PCR test after crossing the border in search of essentials.

Please note that anyone who travels to the United States, visits friends, eats at restaurants, or shop on holidays for non-essential reasons is not subject to the relaxed rules.

Prime Minister Blair said travel exemptions for essentials were appropriate, but could not be abused.

“It doesn’t include visiting family and friends, doing recreational activities, or refueling on the way home,” he told reporters in Ottawa.

Border crossing officials and representatives of public health agencies need to have the information they need to make the right decisions, “provided that clarity,” Blair said.

Canadian press