Ottawa does not share details of Afghan refugees for security reasons: Mendicino

Immigration Minister Ottawa-Marco Mendicino said the federal government will not share details on the number and location of Afghan refugees who landed in Canada yesterday, and refugees arriving later to secure operations with refugees. increase.

Mendicino said in a virtual press conference today that the government is addressing the urgent and volatile situation in Afghanistan as the U.S.-led United Nations forces continue to withdraw from Afghanistan and the Taliban expand. ..

The first refugee plane to support Canada’s military and diplomatic missions in Afghanistan arrived in Toronto yesterday, and planes carrying Afghanistan, which contributed to the Canadian mission, will arrive in the coming days and weeks.

According to Mendicino, Afghan refugees will receive government support during their first year in Canada, including income support and language training.

Last month, the government said interpreters, cooks, drivers, cleaners, construction workers, security guards, embassy staff, their spouses, and children.

Former Afghan interpreters currently living in Canada also faced the risk of being targeted by the Taliban and urged the federal government to expand the program to include extended families stuck in Afghanistan.

Canadian press