Ottawa increases warnings about Ukraine and urges Canadians to leave Russia’s threat

Citizens will participate in a training session for the Kiev Territorial Defense Unit in Kiev, Ukraine, on January 29, 2022. (ChrisMcGrath / Getty Images)

Ottawa warns all Canadians to travel to Ukraine because of the threat of Russia and the danger of war.

The federal government is also encouraging Canadians currently in the country to leave the country.

The increase in warnings arises as tensions between Russia and the West over deploying 100,000 Russian troops on the Ukrainian border.

Negotiations between the United States, NATO and other Canadian allies and Russia have proven unsuccessful so far, leading to fears of a new war in Europe.

Canada has warned against a non-essential trip to Ukraine and has attracted diplomatic staff from Ukraine with its families in recent weeks.

However, the strengthened warning suggests that despite ongoing negotiations, there is growing concern that the conflict is on the verge of breaking out.

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