Ottawa police arrest and steal fuel from Freedom Convoy protest site

Police in the Canadian capital have issued a statement that people trying to bring in supplies to support thousands of protesters who oppose the COVID-19 orders and restrictions gathered in the city will be arrested. , Seized fuel and began to arrest.

“Important: Anyone trying to bring physical support (such as gas) to demonstrators could be arrested. Execution is underway,” Ottawa police said. Said in a statement On social media early in the afternoon of February 6th.

By evening, police said police had arrested several people for mischief and seized multiple vehicles and fuel containers.

At the beginning of February 6, Mayor of Ottawa Jim Watson declared a state of emergency, “emphasizing the need for support from other jurisdictions and government levels.”

Protest organizers say their demonstrations are peaceful.

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Protesters will gather on the Parliamentary Hill in Ottawa to demonstrate on February 5, 2022, against the obligations and restrictions of COVID-19. (Jonathan Ren / The Epoch Times)

The protests began as a demonstration by truck drivers against the federal government’s request for vaccination of cross-border truck drivers, but then throughout Canada against various COVID-19 obligations and restrictions. Has evolved into a large-scale movement in which people from the United States participate. On January 29, a convoy of vehicles arrived in Ottawa, many stayed in the city, and trucks and other vehicles were parked in the Capitol. Many protesters say they will remain until the mission is lifted.

Japan Legal Support Center (JCCF) for Constitutional Freedom, a legal group Represents Ottawa’s Freedom Convoy said, “Police are lawing when they try to threaten or arrest people who bring food and other supplies to truck drivers who are peacefully exercising their constitutional rights and freedoms in Ottawa. It will violate. “

“People who bring food, water, petrol and other supplies to peacefully protesting truck drivers do not violate any law. There is no basis for this police threat,” said JCCF lawyer Nicholas.・ Ones butter states. Said in a statement..

“In a free and democratic society dominated by the rule of law, citizens are free to interact with each other, including giving and receiving goods and gifts. Ottawa police give fuel and food to other Canadians. There is no law that allows people to be arrested. “

The protest organizers say they are ready to talk to the government, but so far government representatives have not contacted them.

“The first thing they have to do is call us …. we’re sitting here and waiting on the phone,” protest organizer Benjamin Dichter said on February 6th. Said at a press conference in Ottawa.

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he would not meet with protesters.

Limin Zhou contributed to this report

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