Ottawa police arrest four in protest

On June 30, Ottawa police arrested four people in downtown Ottawa after thousands of people arrived in the capital to celebrate and protest Canada Day.

The Ontario Police Department (OPS) says it is investigating a case at the National War Memorial where “a conflict with an officer caused one officer to suffocate.”

“Other police officers responded immediately and four were arrested,” OPS said. Said On Twitter on July 1st.

When military veteran James Top came to the scene on June 30 as the last stop on his journey to protest the COVID-19 vaccine obligation in downtown Vancouver in February. A large crowd of protesters gathered at the National War Memorial.

Several organizations have announced plans for an event and protests to be held in Ottawa on July 1st to seek freedom and demonstrate against COVID-19’s obligations and restrictions.

Police at Guard for Thee, one of Topp’s backing organizations, have decided to cancel the July 1st Family Day picnic at Strathcona Park “in light of recent incidents in Ottawa.”

Andilly, an activist and independent journalist who captured a video recording of police intervention on June 30, told the Epoch Times that he saw a policeman washing his eyes with water. She said she did not witness the cause of the incident.

Army veteran Tom Marazzo, a spokesperson for Canada Convoy in February, said he didn’t know the details of why it led to police intervention, but his and other protesters’ top priority is to maintain peace. Said that was the case.

“We focused on relieving public-police tensions to ensure a safe event and not interrupt James Top’s critical celebration,” Marazzo said. I told the Epoch Times.

The top, who walked 4,300 kilometers of trekking and joined other supporters along the way, was affected by a career in the RCMP detachment and the Canadian Army’s choice not to vaccinate with the COVID-19 vaccine.

“This trip was difficult and physically difficult, but at the same time I was able to connect with fellow Canadians in a way I didn’t think was impossible,” Topp said in June. He spoke to a conservative MP group of about 20 people on the 22nd. ..

Conservative MP and leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre also joined Topp on June 30 as he walked to his final destination.

Many other groups have maintained plans for protests on July 1. For example, Freedom Fighters Canada, which states that a “free march” event is planned at 3 pm in front of the Parliamentary Hill, and a parliamentary speech and live rally.5 pm hill

Noé Charter contributed to this report.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.

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