Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly resigns, city council member says

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly will talk about the latest enforcement measures at a press conference as protests against the COVID-19 restrictions continue until the second week in Ottawa on February 4, 2022. (Canada Press / Justin Tan)

Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly has resigned, according to a tweet from the Ottawa city council.

Riley Blockington states that the official announcement will be made by the Police Services Commission after a non-open house meeting.

Ottawa Police Commission will hold a public meeting at 2:30 pm to address the issue

The news is in the midst of an ongoing protest in Ottawa against the government’s COVID-19 Directive.

The protest was initiated by a truck driver who opposes the COVID-19 vaccination obligation for cross-border travel. When the truck convoy arrived in Ottawa, many supporters joined the movement, creating a major protest against all COVID-19 obligations and restrictions.

Many protesters gathered in Ottawa on January 29 have stated that they intend to stay in the capital until the COVID-19 obligations are lifted.

The city of Ottawa, Ontario and the federal government have declared a state of emergency for the protests.

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